Thursday, March 28, 2013

Paperback 626: Sleep-In Girl / Dick Kamp (Midwood 34-896)

Paperback 626: Midwood 34-896 (PBO, 1968)

Title: Sleep-In Girl
Author: Dick Kamp
Cover artist: photo cover

Yours for: $19


Best things about this cover:
  • Well, sure. Everyone sleeps in at dick kamp—it's exhausting!
  • Sleep-In Girl cares not for comforters.
  • Whatever she's wearing is doing odd things to her midriff. I can't quite reconcile her top and bottom halves.
  • This cover would be 200% better if that cigarette were lit.


Best things about this back cover:

  • "Dangling."

Page 123~
Suddenly I jumped as her tongue flicked against my lips like a searing coal...
You know how, when you're kissing searing coal, there's this, like, burning sensation? It was like that.

Oh man, I want to quote this whole page. It will make you hate sex / descriptions of things. For instance:

My hand moved to her breast and stroked its silken texture (1) and its rounded curves. The I cupped its lovely fullness in my palm, gently squeezed and kneaded its soft resiliency. Between my fingers I caught her exquisite little nipple, rolling it like a pebble and tugging and pulling at it until I felt it come quickly alive beneath my touch, springing up hard and erect (2). She lifted a shoulder from the bed to thrust her breast against me and her taut nipple stabbed into my palm (3). 

(1) "Mmm, your breasts are like tofu, baby."
(2) But it started out like a "pebble." How much harder can it get?
(3) You can tell if she's adequately aroused by looking at your palms. Are they bleeding? Well then, you're good to go!


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1 comment:

Doug Brunell said...

This cracks me up. Also made me waste some time on here when I should have been working on my manuscript. Regardless, it was a pleasant diversion. Pebble nipples are the norm when you are dealing with affluent young bachelors. I should know ...