Thursday, March 21, 2013

Paperback 621: Jazz Me Baby / Karl Kelly (France F29)

Paperback 621: France F29 (PBO, 1962)

Title: Jazz Me Baby
Author: Karl Kelly
Cover artist: [photo cover]

From The Doug Peterson Collection (recent addition)


Best things about this cover:
  • Fold-out! And what a reveal! Darkly-crotched panties and bunched-up hosiery. This photo screams "klass!" Also, "model needs to eat / pay rent."
  • "Here, lie on these sad, cold little metallic pillows. Perfect. It's like you're the giant in the harem. Le Sexy!"
  • I really hate that the title doesn't have the comma where it belongs. Sincerely.
  • Favorite word on this cover: "American" — "Following the huge of success of 'Jazz Me Baby' overseas ..."
  • Maybe if you say "routine" again the description will ironically sound less routine.
  • Karl Kelly needs a better agent. His name's nowhere to be found on the cover. And it's not like they don't have enough real estate.


Best things about this back cover:
  • I am curious YELLOW!
  • "in his off-hours, or even during his working hours OMG WHY DO THESE WORDS EXIST?!"
  • "The inner yearning burning" is a phrase you should use to describe all your amorous urges. Pretty please.
  • "Pneumatic!" Wait, is that where you operate her by a system of pulleys? Or ... wait, no, that's where you can't slam her because of her compressed-air system. Practical!

Page 123~

I strode masterfully (strode? hell, dad, I wobbled!) to the bed room, not even looking around to see if she was following me.

"STRODE? HELL, DAD, I WOBBLED!" is the new "Looks like you've been behind the barn!"


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Tulse said...

If it's routine, you're doing it wrong. Just sayin'.

And did the photographer only have one light in the studio? Those weird shadows are really distracting (and not at all becoming).

Chris said...

Perhaps "Jazz Me Baby" is a request by a Jamaican for you to jazz his baby. It is just as dirty as your interpretation and it also accounts for the missing comma. Of course, it really should be "Jazz Me Baby, Mon", which means you need the comma after all.

Tulse said...

Perhaps it's actually the title of a new police drama about an extremely young medical examiner with a hip name -- "Jazz: M.E. Baby".