Saturday, October 31, 2009

Donations to the Collection: Lust Lodge

Title: Lust Lodge (Nightstand Books NB1621, 1962)
Author: Don Holliday
Cover artist: that guy who did so many of their covers ... whatsisname!

Happy Halloween! You're welcome.

  • The Hand!! "Nice to meet you Mrs. ... I ... uh ..."
  • X marks the spot, dang!
  • Did they even plan to draw a guy into this shot originally? His sliver of head and Random Hand look like total (awesome) afterthoughts.
  • I like her underwears. I choose to ignore the fact that she has Ronald McDonald hair.

  • Yet another classic from the Absurd Two-Word Intro .../... Outro school of back cover writing.
  • To say this is bad writing is really to give bad writing a worse name than it already has.
  • Three "wantons" (counting front and back)! Plural, adjectival, possessive. That's gotta be a record.

Page 123~ (brace yourselves ...)

"Don't be melodramatic," she said, blowing smoke once more. It hung in a grey cloud above her, as though prognosticating a storm at the cloud. How symbolic I've become, Beverly thought, looking at the cloud.

As though doing a what at the where now?


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Brian Bunnell said...

If they had order Chinese food at the lodge, it could have been 4 wantons (var.). Double-entendre, anyone? Nibbling wanton wontons?

Unknown said...

Wan! Singular sensation....

Elaine said...

I didn't realize wantons knew such long words!

Deb said...

Oh that underwear is just perfect for skiing when it's snowing and about ten above zero.

Alix said...

For a wild-hungered wanton, she seems a bit... unfocused. Maybe there's something in the cider up there?

Rex, I think you should share this tale with us, one chapter at a time... like a bedtime story! This caliber of writing is too, er, unique not to be shared with the masses!

Rex Parker said...

Ugh, the first 2 1/2 pages are descriptions of a car trying to climb a mountain in the Adironidacks in winter. Where is the Sin Sport!? (actually, that is the model of the car — what a let down)


Random White Guy said...

What small nipples she must have if two skinny ski poles can adequately cover them. Unless she's got flesh colored long johns on and those black panties are just superfluous.

Eunice said...

Again with the weird eyeline for her. I had the same thought L did, they must be pretty tiny.

I'm guessing Beverly is smoking a special sort of cigarette. 'Look at that cloud. My hands are HUGE!'

Marla said...

I just can't believe that with the alliterative pattern they've established, they don't go with "passion play" instead of "passion games."

For my next vacation I'm torn between Lust Lodge, Horror Hotel, or Raunchy Resort.

Tulse said...

If you're trying to sell sexy smut, your cover girl shouldn't look like Lucille Ball doing a skit with a wardrobe malfunction.

(Unless, of course, you're really into Lucy. NTTAWWT.)

Michael5000 said...

It's "An Original Nightstand Book!" How awesomely genteel is that!?!