Friday, October 23, 2009

57 books from the University Book Sale: Book 1

Title: The Confession + Sight Unseen
Author: Mary Roberts Rinehart
Cover artist: Victor Kalin

Yours for: best offer

"Uh, I'm calling about the antique phone you advertised in the paper?"
"Is this Rinehart?"

[My wife thought this was a book about a cat named "Rinehart," by a woman named Mary Roberts — a reasonable inference, I say]

Page 123~ (from "Sight Unseen")

Of Elinor Wells I have only my wife's verdict, and I have found that, as is the way with many good women, her judgments of her own sex are rather merciless.


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Lisa in Oz said...

I thought the same thing as your wife - or maybe this was one of those pet detective novels, like so: In a way, I'm terribly disappointed that it's not.

Michael5000 said...


Elaine said...

I think I had a collection of her stories: The Best of TISH. Dated, but fun. Not a bad writer, but more of the "Saturday Evening Post" genre.

Deb said...

M.R.R. was a writer in the "woman in peril/had I but known what awaited me" genre. She was tremendously popular in her time, but I wonder if any of her books are still in print.

That cat is creepin' me out!

Random White Guy said...

As it turns out, I'm reading a Mary Roberts Rinehart book right now. I actually enjoy her stories, which aren't always mysteries. Can't say as to whether she's still in print or not as these are ebooks I'm reading.

shushie said...

I thought that same thing, that Rinehart was the title. Love the cat answering the phone convo :)

Elaine said...

Find "The Simple Lifers"--and then check the pub date. The Hippies didn't invent it...