Saturday, October 24, 2009

57 books from the University Book Sale: Book 2

: Episode of the Wandering Knife
Author: Mary Roberts Rinehart
Cover artist: Rafael de Soto

Yours for: best offer

  • Cover copy as internal monologue! Never seen that before.
  • So you're hiding the knife in the fishpool ... you know water is transparent, right?
  • Jane continued to wage her secret, one-woman battle against kitschy statuary...
  • Should I feel bad / worried that I can't interpret this map? "His Breakfast" (!?!?) is out back on the lawn? In some pink Phantom Zone? And "The Secret" is ... maybe under the hedge? In the downspout of the gutters? Meanwhile, "The Knife" wanders lazily up the road ...
  • "Experience the thrills and chills and the infamous horrors that await you at ... Larry's House!?"

Page 123~

"Maud," said young Townsend succinctly, "is a cheap Chicago tart. He had no business bringing her here."

Mmmm, cheap Chicago tart ...


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Random White Guy said...

Those shoulders! I can't get past her shoulders. And something tells me linebackers can't get past them, either.

I thought there was a difference between a fountain and a fishpool. This book proves me wrong.

Michael5000 said...

Doorbell's not going to work anymore, after it's been slipped in the water.

Did you really get 53 books of this caliber? That's some kind of university booksale. Some kind of university.

Eunice said...

Is she going to hide herself along with the knife? She's crawling in there with it.

Also, I'm pretty sure it's impossible that she has legs.

Unknown said...

OK - the front cover shows that the fountain is in the middle of some sort of ginormous, ornate rotunda - yet the back cover map shows :two: fountains, neither of which is rotunda-enabled. I had thought these Dell books with maps were pretty cool, but now I see that they're playing fast n' loose with the truth. Was the front/back cover continuity person on leave that week?

Marla said...

The knife wanders lazily
Up the road
And the fork runs away
With the spoon

Rainbow said...

Is it a bad sign that these covers made me go looking for this book so I could read it? I want to know where the knife wandered, dammit!

Alas, I could only find two other MRRineharts with similarly colourful map backs, Case of Jannie Brice & Haunted Lady...they're pretty awesome, but there's no knife-in-the-lane with your breakfast and secret action. The Case of Jennie Brice's map has a spot labeled "Tim's Shanty Boat," though - that's promising, right?


atomicbird said...

I can't help thinking that the map should have a Family Circus-style dotted line tracing the knife's progress.