Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Paperback 262: Too Hot to Hold / Day Keene (Gold Medal 931)

Paperback 262: Gold Medal 931 (PBO, 1959)

Title: Too Hot to Hold
Author: Day Keene
Cover artist: uncredited [Robert McGinnis]

Yours for: SOLD (7/23/09)

Best things about this cover:
  • I Love This Cover. It's unusual and enigmatic and just oozes sophistication and coolness and mystery. I *want to know* what she is doing, where she is going, who's in the cab with her, all of it.
  • Great Girl Art that isn't hyper-sexed. Great gams, great gloves, and Great Hair.
  • "Death" is kind of anticlimactic after "torture." Not really shocking. Kind of the next logical step. Now "... leading men to soup ... and death!" That would be shocking.
  • Sadly, this title has put the theme to Ghostbusters II in my head: "Too hot to handle / Too cold to hold / They're called the Ghostbusters and they're in control!" — Oh, Bobby Brown, this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you.

Best things about this back cover:

  • If you like green/brown, or off-center typography, this is the cover for you.

Page 123~

Linda Lou stopped pretending and ran her hands over her flat body. She could be carrying the first of them now. The thought made her blush. After the way she'd acted, if it was possible for a woman to conceive more than once in a night, she probably had a whole family inside her.

You'll be relieved (maybe) to know that this passage is not directly related to the scene of abuse and torture (possible rape?) on the book's back cover. Still, though ... I'm kind of creeped out. "A whole family?" OB/Gyn: "Hey, there's a mom and dad, three kids and a dog in here. How'd that happen?"


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Frank said...

Ah, good old American sex education: "Dear Lord, don't tell them anything about icky bits, either at home or in school! That might make them want to touch their no-no parts, which is a sin against God and a filthy commie plot to make good, red-blooded Americans too distracted by carnal desire to resist the Red infiltration! No, let them learn from schoolyard gossip and trashy novels, so they can think you can conceive multiple children by having sex more than once in one night. The twins will never look at us the same way again!"

Veronika said...

"To soup ... and death!" Is my new favorite phrase. Weill try to use it in a sentence tomorrow.

All right, who broke the hideous thing and left it lying in the corner? I told you to put it away when you're done!

Dirt Diggler said...

Flawless cover art. The details of the cab with the sparkling trim, interior leather, and door locking mechanism, are uncanny. The woman is in proportion and in a realistic position. She may even be looking back to see if her slip was left wedged between the backseat cushions. Even the cracks in the sidewalk are very good.

If "Linda" is "the female Judas leading men to torture", why is she the one being tortured on the back cover? Did she herself not read the story? Is she a masochist that just had to have it the other way around? Expiring minds want to know!

And alas, dead things don't usually speak anyway, regardless of their hideousness or brokenness.

Alix said...

The cover is absolutely gorgeous! I love the violet headband detail.

Back cover/page 123: WTF? Icky and stupid and confusing.

Did I mention I love the cover?

Tulse said...

Stupendous cover, truly fabulous.

But like Dirt, I'm really confused at the juxtaposition of the front and back cover blurbs. It's like they're describing two completely different novels (well, "completely different" may be a stretch, as both novels would be seriously pulptastic).

Michael5000 said...

This cover rocks. It obviously deserves a better book, though.

For a catchphrase of the day, I'm not sure whether I prefer "To soup... and death!" or "Be happy and do happy your wife!" That's one jolly Viagra robot, all right.

Nicole "Gidget" Kalstein said...

I have to agree with everyone else. This cover is fantastic. I do love me a redhead, and she's perfect. Her face is beautiful, and you already mentioned her legs. Even the car and the sidewalk are sexy.

I even think the title is awesome. I may have to print this cover out and stick it on my bedroom wall with all my other random vintage art.