Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Paperback 252: Decisive Years / Marsha Bates (Fabian Z-100)

Paperback 252: Fabian Z-100 (PBO?, 1959?)

Title: Decisive Years
Author: Marsha Bates
Cover artist: uncredited (same guy did a LOT of the Fabian stuff — don't know his name)

Yours for: unavailable (property of "Paperback 250" Contest winner)

Best things about this cover:
  • Check out their matching cigarette-holding stances, wrist baubles, and broken left ankles! Double your pleasure!
  • "Just don't tell our dad, OK? The runny eggs have caused him disappointment enough for one morning. I mean ... well, just look at him."
  • This title is Terrible — like a bad coming-of-age dramedy. "M*A*S*H" : "AfterM*A*S*H" :: "Wonder Years" : "Decisive Years"

Best things about this back cover:

  • "Stop! Depression Time!"
  • Those girls on the cover are 12 and 13 on what planet?
  • AUDYNE = newest entry into "Laughable Names" Hall of Fame
  • Oh, man, I can't wait to show you "EACH WON TWO": if you love clownish tales of drunk men dancing in drag at their wives' behest, then yes, "EACH WON TWO" "promises to be a story you'll want to read."
  • I've just decided to move "EACH WON TWO" to the top of the list. Look for it as Paperback 253.

Page 123~
"Fine!" Charley said, angering me more. "Now, there's one other little item to take up here. It's about the relationship between Audyne and me. I'm only a foster uncle to her, and my responsibility's been only verbal and charitable."

Yuck. This book is starting to make "Lolita" look family-friendly.



JamiSings said...

Maybe the artist was psychic and foresaw that whole "hormones in food make girls mature faster" thing we're having now?

Dirt Diggler said...

'More like: "Derisive Years", if the front cover blurb is actually describing those two Patty Dukes trying to turn a daylight trick in front of the local choke-and-puke in Mooresville, Indiana.

Miss Maggie said...

"Presently" does not mean "currently"!!!! Aaaaaaargh! Grammar...nazi...meltdown...

Michael5000 said...

I feel that the back cover of "Decisive Years" is among the most powerful of Kandinsky's works....

Ms Avery said...

The "fun" lettering on the title seems wildly inappropriate for a tragic tale of capslock-named, prematurely-aged preteen hookers.

Tulse said...

That cover is supposed to be set in the Depression? It looks more '50s to me.

Kevin said...

The blonde on the front cover appears upset that yet another customer wants the
"Tuskegee Twist".

The synopsis is full of win: Vague implication that 12 is naive and 13knowledgable and flirtatious. "Authoress"
Graphic design rather inappropriate for the subject matter. Where can I get a copy!?

Elaine said...

Why has no one noticed that the potential john on the cover is Robert DeNiro?

Nicole "Gidget" Kalstein said...

Wow...that IS embarrassing. A couple of bucks. Sheesh.

You know, the word "glibly" just isn't used enough nowadays. I'll have to pull that one out of the vault, brush off the cobwebs, and make it cool again.