Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Paperback 425: Seeds of Sin / Louis Lorraine (Nightstand Books 1560)

Paperback 425: Nightstand Books 1560 (PBO, 1961)

Title: Seeds of Sin
Author: Louis Lorraine
Cover artist: Uncredited

Yours for: $12


Best things about this cover:
  • Sex Survey—Q: Where's your favorite place to make whoopee? A: On the train tracks.
  • "... and then her left forearm exploded in a blaze of passion!"
  • The Seeds of Sin lead to ... the Dandelion of Death!
  • "The floodlights revealed Steve's secret shame: his girlfriend was a Macy's store mannequin!"


Best things about this back cover:
  • So that bright light on the front cover must be Mark's "flame-haired wife Liz." Cool superpower.
  • "A bevy of women who apparently did not care what they looked or sounded like..." Jeez, what are they doing, rolling around and snorting during the survey? "She's got a weird lisp and spinach in her teeth ... but as long as she's talking dirty ..."
  • Another one of these tone-deaf back covers, where the copywriter doesn't understand how English works, where emphasis goes, what sexy is, etc. "... 'Fling At Passion!' It is a sexy phrase, no?" "No. If anything, it evokes orangutans flinging their feces."

Page 123~

He showed Arthur a chart. "This is the chart on sexual satisfaction. Rather an eye-opener, isn't it?"

"Pretty poor performance on their husband's parts, I'd say." Arthur studied it critically, with professional interest.

1. I assume "with professional interest" means "with his hand not [yet] on his cock."
2. "Pretty poor performance on their husband's parts" can be interpreted at least two ways.


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Tulse said...

I'm confused as to the nature of the study participants. They are in a "college town" and are "the women of Kellar College", but they don't sound like co-eds. Is Mark Sullivan surveying the professors? Cleaning staff? Typing pool?

Rex Parker said...

I'm sure Mark Sullivan is "cleaning staff," for sure. Good one.

Peter said...

Two books are listed by Louis Lorraine - The Cheating Game and Commuter Widow, with tags of "erotica, fiction, sleaze, suburban, sin". A better back blurb than the one used.

borky said...

Cover: "Jeez, part of me wishes someone'd come over the brow of the hill and take a photo of this weird giant UFO covered in a strange alien language that looks like SEEDS of SIN, but then they'd also catch a shot of me at Make Out Point pretending a rubber blow-up doll in a nylon wig's the crazed middle aged transsexual who all those years ago tried to take my teenage virginity but accidentally chopped off my cock in my zipper!"

borky said...

What I love best about all these 'studies' of learned sexology professors' lives, is the subtext: ye', ye', you might fool everyone else you're a serious scientist, Kinsey, but we know a scam to get grown women and college girls out their knickers when we see one!