Friday, May 21, 2010

Paperback 315: Lust Killer / J.S. McWinter (All-Star 142)

Paperback 315: All Star 142 (PBO, 1967)

Title: Lust Killer
Author: J.S. McWinter
Cover artist: Uncredited

Yours for: $15

Best things about this cover:
  • "Now that you are sufficiently humiliated, I'll just rub my face with my magic gun, like so, and ... presto, I start to turn invisible from the feet up."
  • This guy is actually trying to protect the lady from the hailstorm of mini-doors/light switches/'60s decorative effects pounding down upon her naked body.
  • Whoa, I just read the cover copy: child molester!?!? Oh, man, I can't do anything with that. NEXT COVER!

Best things about this back cover:
  • I have just one thing to say, and that is — how do you conclude "accidental death" when the body is "STUFFED within" an "icebox?" Unless this is an attempt at escape artistry gone horribly awry, even the most bumpkiny of police chiefs couldn't arrive at "accidental death" from that evidence. Not with a straight face.

Page 123~

OK, before I begin, let me say that I flipped the book open to a random page and found out that the book is at least in part about boys in a sado-masochistic relationship who discover that they are "queers" ("You know damn well you almost came every time I beat you. And I always do. What do you mean we aren't queer?"). I'm afraid to look at Page 123 ... Oh. It's not so bad.
"All right, John," she began again. "For years your father and I have known that you're homosexual. All right. That's that. Until now you always kept it quiet. But not anymore. Now the whole town knows about it. But even that isn't so bad. Boston is a great town for burying its head in the sand, you know. In Boston, you can do damned near anything you want, so long as you don't rub our face in it. But if you do that, we have to do something. And you've rubbed our face in it. Do you really think no one is aware of what's been going on? All three of your bosses have been in communication with me about you. So you are now faced with a choice. Either resign and leave Boston, or we will throw you out. I don't mean the Creightons, I mean Boston. We've had it John. In Boston, there are no second chances."

There you go, City of Boston. Your new motto!


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Jerry House said...

Tough town, that Boston.

Word verification: cractiz --what makes dope addicts perfect.

Michael5000 said...

The title, front cover blurb, back cover blurb, cover art, and content description and p. 123 quote -- none of them seem to have been in touch with each other. I guess it's a book about, um, gay S&M guys who molest children, humiliate grown women, stuff people in iceboxes, and kill lustily. Wow! Why isn't it in the college curriculum?

capewood said...

I don't get the cover. Why is there a picture of a full-grown naked woman on the front of a book about a child molester?

Alix said...

I'm with you - what's she doing here? Whatever the answer is, don't rub Boston's nose in it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, gimme a break! It only took me four days to write that book, and they didn't pay me much for it. Actually, it was supposed to be porn, but I forgot to put most of the sex in (you slip when you're writing forty pages a day).