Sunday, May 2, 2010

"Harling College!"

I'm on vacation, where I just received THIS book as a gift.


New posts when I return to NY.


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Katie said...

My immediate reactions:

1. Nipple!

2. "HarLing"? Can't believe they didn't go for the obvious juvenile joke.

3. Where's the rest of Presumably Naked Guy? Is he leaning over a free-floating mural of the campus?

Michael5000 said...

It's about campus sex PRACTICES, not just about campus sex, so it must be all thoughtful and anthropological and serious.

But wow -- most provocative and challenging since "The Harrad Experiment"!? Careful with the hubris there, Mr. Blurbwriter!

Unknown said...

I can understand the nekkidity in the foreground, but why is there a zombie in the background?

Anonymous said...

is that guy's tie caught in his fly?

Tulse said...

Man, why can't I teach there?

Frank said...

There's a zombie lurking in the background and a woman being kissed by, judging from the face, a troll. I didn't know paranormal romance went back so far!

Unknown said...

I think we've misinterpreted what Naked Troll Guy is doing. He's not kissing Naked Chick, he's actually biting her head.     ...braaaainssss...

That would take the cover's tally to -
Zombies: 2
Naked Soon-to-be-Zombie Chicks: 1

Larry said...

Need a new label? Nipples
I believe this is the first cover to reveal one of those. (Anybody that points out that male nipples appear all the time is suspect.)

Elaine said...

I'm with Anonymous/May3rd:
The guy has his fly open and his tie is caught in the zipper. He's standing there all nonplussed, not sure how to get help with this in his TA? See, he shouldn't have gotten up from the Extra Credit Couch so quickly!