Monday, December 14, 2009

57 Books from the University Book Sale: Book 27

Title: Danger Woman
Author: Abel Mann
Cover artist: [Roger Kastel] Kastel? Kassel? Signature is super faint, and there's no credit

Yours for: $8

  • Short-lived Wonder Woman nemesis of the Swingin' '60s
  • This cover was painted in cheap lipstick
  • Fabulous painting in the parts that have people. The rest is the kind of sloppiness-posing-as-avant-garde that I hate
  • She is doing a bad job of hiding that gun
  • "The Danger Woman" is a woefully unimaginative name
  • "It" seems to have two antecedents. Or does "It" refer to the two prior statements. If so, then I am sure one of my students wrote this cover copy.
  • Apparently The Danger Woman has a right-handed twin
  • So ... she never said no to a job? Nope, no jokes to make there

Page 123~

"You think I should have a child."
Bertha wrung her hands. "Please."
"Don't you, Bertha?"
"Such a beautiful body — a young girl's body — unfulfilled," Bertha said.


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Alix said...

His "fantastic schemes"? Ooooh, the danger!

Melvin said...

Wait, wait... Danger Woman is by "Abel Mann"? I guess he wasn't very creative about pen names, either...

Ms Avery said...

Ugh, what an awful cover. Her ass must be freezing.

DemetriosX said...

Danger Woman isn't quite as unimaginative as you might think, especially if the book was originally British. The series known to Americans as Secret Agent (you know, Patrick McGoohan, "They've given you a number and taken away your name." [/Johnny Rivers]) was known as Danger Man in Britain.

DemetriosX said...

Sorry about the double post. Don't know how that happened.

Rex Parker said...


I'm pretty sure you just confirmed that it's *more* unimaginative than I thought. The background helps make sense of the title, though, so thanks.


Random White Guy said...

There's no way you could hold your left hand at that angle behind your back. Unless the gun hand is actually growing out of the small of her back. That sure would be dangerous.

guido said...

The cover artists name is Roger Kastel, who did also the illustrations for the movie posters of 'Jaws'.

The Gray One said...

I'm sorry, page 123 is the beginning's of a lesbian porn scene. I can hear the music starting up.

Salmagundi Booktopia said...

Wait a minute, I think I know her.

cwogle said...

The last time I pooped a pistol, it didn't have a hand attached to it. I think.

I didn't look. I never do, unless...

I have to go do my homework.