Sunday, December 13, 2009

57 Books from the University Book Sale: Book 26

Title: The Lost God & Other Adventure Stories
Author: John Russell
Cover artist: Uncredited

Yours for: $5

  • A book about black people with bones in their noses worshiping the mysterious aquanautical god of the sea ... this is sure to be inoffensive!
  • It took me so long to see what was going on in that lower right corner. I thought there was some weird dude in a white mask and owl poncho following the lead dancer. But the owl poncho is a shield and the white mask is the aquanaut's shin and what I thought was some odd hair/helmet is the head of a man who is looking for the contact lens he just lost.

  • "Doubloons!" — this word is inherently amusing.
  • "... have been favorably compared to ..." HA ha. Way to skirt the specifics. "These stories are reminiscent of Kipling and O. Henry, in that they are printed on paper and in English."

Page 123~

Ah, they were striking at each other's naked breasts, these two. With naked weapons. And neither of them shirked it. Not the girl, who sent back as good as she got—not Bibi-Ri, who took even that last terrible thrust.

Oh, Henry!


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Sobriquet Magazine said...

This should be on the syllabus for a seminar on ill-conceived racial stereotypes in poorly-written pulp fiction of the mid-twentieth century. You know someone is teaching that somewhere.

Paloma Vita said...

This has been made into a "famous" motion picture? Wow...

Lora said...

I love the sort of non sequitur of that first sentence. It sets such a nice tone: "...of adventure, of fortune hunters of the coral seas, of the cannibals of the Solomons."

Just when you're starting to get a nice nostalgic nautical/pirate vibe - out of nowhere, cannibals!

Unexpected cannibals should be used more often. "There was a land of cavaliers and cotton fields...and cannibals!"

Lisa in Oz said...

"Rum-soaked beachcomber" is a job I'd like to have.

Unknown said...

Wasn't this remade as a Scooby-Doo episode?

Alix said...

The weapons were naked as jay-birds, I tell you!

Deb said...

Jacques Cousteau: The Early Years

Tulse said...

I'd nominate that passage for Worst Prose on Page 123 Ever.

Frank said...

Naked, naked, naked! Plus, "breasts" and "terrible thrust."

capewood said...

The famous movie "The Lost God". couldn't come up with a movie called that so it couldn't have been too famous.

Elaine said...

If it's O. Henry, would that last terrible thrust feature a twist?

Anonymous said...

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