Monday, June 3, 2019

Paperback 1040: Inflamed Trio / Charles Fay (Emerald Reader 107)

Paperback 1040: Emerald Reader 107 (PBO, 1964)

Title: Inflamed Trio
Author: Charles Fay
Cover artist: photo cover

Condition: 8/10 (unread, square, bright, but some scuffing, and w/ pub. page torn out??)
Estimated value: $15-20

[Newest addition to the Doug Peterson Collection]

Best things about this cover:

  • It's hard to find a good nostril model.
  • Nude Model Museum Rugby is a rough sport. This player has clearly hurt her knee and will have to come out.
  • Is it really a good idea to lean against the painting like that? After all, that's an original [squints] Rubano?
  • Wow, those are ... some words.
  • Don't discriminate against backs. Be a friend to backs. Be a back ally.
  • What the hell is "Sinports" even a pun on?? Car ports? Imports? Sun porch?
  • They've playfully covered up the "Inflamed Trio," i.e. her nipples and the patch of eczema above her right elbow.

Best things about this back cover:

  • "Which do you think would look better on my business card: 'Artist in Sin' or 'Sin Artist By Choice'? Oh never mind, I'll ask my mom. Hey, MOM! ..."
  • Honestly, I've seen scores of these tag line / ellipsis / nonsense cover copy / ellipsis / tag line back covers—they are a staple of '60s sex fiction back covers—but this one is the first to exhaust me. It's like being bludgeoned with nonsensically bad grammar. Good luck making it all the way to the IGNITED CARNALITY
  • "As a simile from another story herein" ... if you have any idea what this sentence means, let me know. It's as confusing as a simile.
  • LOL "trio"—did they just scare-quote the book's own title. That's pretty meta.

Page 123~
A few well dressed agents with bulging client books and nervous, hopeful clinets at their sides, glanced at Ronald with interest.
I know it looks like I've made some typing errors in transcribing that quotation, but I assure you I have not. Not a one. I'm imagining "clinets" as a kind of medium-sized, reclusive panda-cat. It's too bad only one clinet can get the part. Good luck, clinets! I hope you land that well [space] dressed agent!


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P.S. there are typos on like every page of this book. Also, the font, my god:

"traffice?" that's onsense!


vintagehoarder said...

Imagine having to proofread this stuff!

(BTW, I picked up some very vintage "sixpenny" paperbacks in a bookshop in Melbourne recently. Only one has a date, but judging by the advertising inside them they all date pre-WWI. Would you be interested in them? They're all slightly battered, but I'd imagine you'd find them amusing.)

DemetriosX said...

I would think if you're publishing a sex book like this (I'm not sure these sorts of books really count as erotica), you would want to avoid words like "inflamed". I don't think it conveys what you think it conveys.

Jean said...

I am particularly fond of "The deeper she got, the nearer to the end of her life she came." Reminded me of this one time we were channel-surfing (so, a long time ago) and got to a preacher just in time for him to announce, "The end of the world is closer now than it ever has been before!" Well, yes. *Everything* that hasn't happened yet is closer now than it ever has been before...

Rex Parker said...

Yeah she's pretty much closer to the end of her life now than she was when I was starting writing this sentence, by definition.

Somehow having "an" before an ellipsis is making me laugh repeatedly. Why is it so much funnier than "a"!? It just is!


Rex Parker said...


pre-World War ONE!?!?! Wow. If they have any hilarity value, then of course :)