Friday, September 13, 2013

Paperback 695: Passage to Samoa / Day Keene (Gold Medal 823)

Paperback 695: Gold Medal 823 (PBO, 1958)

Title: Passage to Samoa
Author: Day Keene
Cover artist: Uncredited

Yours for: $14


Best things about this cover:
  • Roger was inconsolable when he found out they weren't going to Disney World
  • Roger was fastidious about thread-count.
  • Jerry Orbach IS ... Roger IN ... "Passage To Samoa"!
  • "They followed the random pink arrows ... to Death (or Murder or Love ... one of those)!"


Best things about this back cover:
  • An inside look at Roger's circulatory system reveals that he is all fucked up.
  • If that phony count doesn't have a sweet pencil mustache, I will be gravely disappointed.
  • Roger liked his sex the old-fashioned way: bundled.

Page 123~
Janice protested. "But you can't kill us for nothing. What on earth is back of this, anyway?"

"Well, I'll tell you now, Miss Hart," Hines grinned. "It's this way. Me and Sven and a certain other gent got tired of being poor. So—"

Hanson bellowed, "Shut up, you fool. It's none of their business."
I like how honest and ingenuous Hines is. "Uh, we wanted money, 'cause we didn't have none, so ..."


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Tulse said...

"Passage to Samoa" sure sounds like a euphemism.

Keir said...

Had to find out if Day was the name of a man or woman. He looks the spitting image of Groucho Marx!
Anthony Boucher's review in the New York Times of Jan 18, 1959 remarked how the book's "copious lashings are necessary to the plot."

Sarah said...

I'm surprised you didn't mention that Roger HAS NO LEGS.

DemetriosX said...

God, those ellipses on the front cover are horrible! You expect better copy from Gold Medal. This is more like one of the small, raunchy presses.