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Paperback 693: The Big Guy / Wade Miller (Gold Medal 279)

Paperback 693: Gold Medal 279 (PBO, 1953)

Title: The Big Guy
Author: Wade Miller
Cover artist: Jack Floherty

Yours for: $11


Best things about this cover:
  • When a gorilla of a man meets a tigress of a woman ... Tigrilla!
  • Big guy. Short tie. Wide suit. Dumb stare. "Is my tie clip straight ... Well, IS IT!?"
  • Did he tear her clothes off her or was she attacked by an ermine that's still semi-attached to her right shoulder?


Best things about this back cover:
  • This is either the worst or the best back cover concept ever. It's so ... random. "How 'bout a dictionary entry?" "But that ... makes no sense." "Yes, but if we did it on a little floating piece of torn out paper then ... oh man I'm so high right now."
  • "Bloodstained but usable" = lovely.
  • Who is this "pa' shens" woman? A woman who teaches you how to drink, carouse and chase women!? She sounds amazing.
  • Wade Miller was actually two guys, but you probably knew that.

Page 123~
He took his wife's arm and squared the odd-feeling yachting cap on his head. "Come on down to the barbecue. I got to carve up a pig."
After the first five words, this passage is like "Fuck it, I'm'a do whatever I want."


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