Friday, September 21, 2012

Paperback 564: Cat Man / Edward Hoagland (Signet S1499)

Paperback 564: Signet S1499 (1st ptg, 1958)

Title: Cat Man
Author: Edward Hoagland
Cover artist: Stanley Zuckerberg

Yours for: $12
Best things about this cover:
  • Yes, your ass *is* impressive, ma'am, but Zombie Bowser wants brains.
  • If I knew what she was doing, I would tell you.
  • What is that magic cloud of pastel soup that Bowser's wallowing around in? I'm torn between 'really shitty futon cover from ca. 1994' and 'Smurf latrine.'
  • "He courted danger in a jungle world"—ohhhhh. That's what I'm looking at. Courtship. "Geena, I'm down on all my paws, beggin' you—won't you be my jaguar-bride?"

Best things about this back cover:
  • "Random Words" = equally scintillating alternative to "Big Top"; unless there are gay implications I'm missing, which I really hope there are.
  • Where have all the cagehands gone?
  • I like how "winos" are so-called, while freaks are just fucking freaks—no quotation marks needed. We all know freaks when we see them, amiright? Pfft. Freaks.
  • "Rejected by respectable society"!? I've seen the cover. I'm with respectable society here.

Page 123~
Bible licked his mustache and brooded [1]. The man in black smiled, thinking about something [2]. His face was lumpy and gentle [3]. The buttons on his shirt were gray instead of black, and he was playing with them. His belt buckle reflected silver like anybody else's belt buckle [4].
  • [1] Some people give their kids names from the Bible. And then some just say 'fuck it, I can't keep them bible names straight. Let's just call him Bible.'
  • [2] I like the second half of this sentence for answering the tough questions I had about the first half of this sentence.
  • [3] "... like oatmeal, when it's thinking about something"
  • [4] Foreshadowing the black-hole belt buckle that kills everyone at the end. (spoiler alert)


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Keir said...

Hilarious analysis! You really changed my mood after a long week at work.

D.A. Trappert said...

I had to look this writer up. Pretty fascinating:

I always love when it says "attended Harvard".

Random White Guy said...

Her left leg looks unnaturally bent. Or perhaps that's her gimmick - the Amazing Double Jointed Lady, now with Cat Man Do!

Doug P said...

I can't stop laughing at "Smurf latrine."

Rex Parker said...

Aw jeez—sorry I didn't credit you, Doug. This is Doug P. donation, y'all. He is my west coast dealer.


Doug P said...

No problem! The main reason I sent this one was to get your take on that strangely colored quicksand, and you didn't disappoint.

Anonymous said...

You know why women live the cat man? Because what most men won't, cat man do.