Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Paperback 563: Canterbury Tails / Bjorn Peters (Adam's Gay Readers 148)

Paperback 563: Adam's Gay Readers 148 (PBO, 1986)

Title: Canterbury Tails
Author: Bjorn Peters
Cover artist: yes

Yours for: ... well, I can see exactly one copy of the book on sale, at ebay, for $103, so ... $1,000,000 (or best offer)
Best things about this cover:
  • I assume this is a modern version of the Nun's Priest's Tale, since that tale centers on a cock.
  • As a friend of mine noted, *that* sandwich will not fit in *that* lunchbox (p.s. that's what she said).
  • I love fall weather—cold enough for a down vest, hot enough for a shirt unbuttoned all the way below the navel.
  • I love how the artist captured the expression on sandwich guy's face precisely at the moment he realizes what his co-worker is suggesting. [Needle scratching on record!]
  • After yet another unsuccessful audition for Village People '86, Raymond needed the comfort that only a fellow hard-hat could provide ...
  • "Bjorn" is funny on many levels. Most notably, its first two letters.


Best things about this back cover:
  • Really? "Surey?" That's your name? Are you sure? Or sorry? And what kind of circus font is that?
  • If this is Adam's Gay Reader #148, how bad, HOW BAD do I want Adam's Gay Readers #1-147!?

Page 123~ (drum roll, please)
Having Jim's cock filling my mouth, and mine filling his, made me feel closer to him than I had ever felt to anyone.
The word "literally!" comes to mind. Understatement, thy name is Bjorn Peters! [slow clap => standing ovation]

P.S. this sample is not atypical. Virtually every sentence of this book is this unintentionally awesome. Who knew words like "gullet" and "starchy" (!?) were erotic!? A revelation. Five stars.


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Random White Guy said...

Yellow Hat's huge nipple isn't enough to distract me from wondering where's the rest of his left leg.

Brian Busby said...

My art teacher was always sympathetic - hands are a challenge to draw.

Dave M said...