Thursday, September 29, 2011

Paperback 460: American Sexual Behavior and the Kinsey Report (Bantam 227)

Paperback 460: Bantam 227 (1st ptg, 1948)

Title: American Sexual Behavior and the Kinsey Report
Authors: Morris L. Ernst and David Loth
Cover artist: N/a

Yours for: $11

Best things about this cover:
  • Just consider this a sucky cover interlude—if I'm gonna put up all my books, then I'm gonna put up all my books.

Best things about this back cover:
  • The authors have done a service to the "lay public." That sounds about right.
  • Now that I see the cover of the original hardbound edition, I realize I own this book in both editions. Weird.

Page 123~

The Kinsey Report may save a good many homes

For instance, if you get enough of them together, you can fashion a levee.


P.S. please enjoy this forgotten bookmark, which I just pulled from the book while looking for p. 123


The back of this clipping is actually much more entertaining:

Highlights: McCarthy vs. the "Slot Machine King"! Hitler maps! "Jilted Lover Slays Blonde!" and, of course, advice from AUNT HET: "Men shouldn't go visitin' too often. They say about what they said the last time, but it sounds fresh if you haven't heard it for six months." 


Pat said...

Why am I picturing Dusty Hoffman as "Tom Cullen of Baltimore"?

Jenners said...

Is Tom Cullen related to Edward do you think?

And having just listened to Mary Roach's Bonk, which references the Kinsey stuff, I'm quite curious about this book. But the really good stuff was with Masters and Johnson I think.

Random White Guy said...

Why does Tom Cullen look like he's seven months pregnant?

Anonymous said...

I couldn't resist -- I followed up on "Jilted Lover Slays Blonde". Google tells me that the "spoiled son of well-to-do parents" was found not guilty by reason of insanity in 1949 and committed to an asylum. He was retried in 1955, but I couldn't find any record of whether he was found guilty, insane, or innocent.