Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Paperback 457: Seducer's Sin Chase / Roy Merson (Compass Line Novel CL 144)

Paperback 457: Compass Line Novels CL 144 (PBO, 1966)

Title: Seducer's Sin Chase
Author: Roy Merson
Cover artist: Uncredited

Yours for: $14


Best things about this cover:
  • I should start a tag for my posts called "That Crazy Red Wig," because it keeps coming back.
  • That is some awkward panty-taking-off.
  • "To keep my figure trim, I do crunches on a pile of sand I have brought in from the beach every morning. It's dirty and inconvenient, but it works!"
  • This is what happens when your answer to the artist's question "What should I do with the background?" is "I don't fucking care."
  • Roy Merson is among the most pathetic pseudonyms I've ever seen.


Best things about this back cover:
  • The right jab of LUST DRUMMER was followed quickly by the lethal left cross of "stud-wise," and then everything just went dark. I see now that LEWDMONGERS were also involved. Bravo! This thing is so self-parodic that it is threatening to suck all meaning from the room and my life, so I'm gonna stop looking at it now.

Page 123~

She loved Steve, loved him deeply, of course, but love had nothing to do any more with why she was here laying between the Osgoods.

I've never been so sad to see the "lying/laying" error, because other than that, this is possibly my favorite Page 123 of all time. My favorite parts are "of course" and "Between the Osgoods," which is a sitcom I would totally watch.


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Tulse said...

I am very unhappy at the semi-alliteration of "mature matrons and nubile maidens". So close...

And, especially in these times, I think we are all aware how important it is to keep the sin economy on the move. Fight the sin recession! Demand that your congressman take action on the sin economy! (Come to think of it, they actually seem to on a regular basis.)

Jackie said...

Wow. That is some incredible back cover text right there. LUST DRUMMER and LEWDMONGERS are also competing to be my next band name.

capewood said...

We need more stimulus for the sin economy! What are the Republicans waiting for!?

Was Steve the "lust drummer" or was he one of the Osgoods? I'm so confused.

Mo said...

I can hazard a guess as to the true identity lurking behind 'Roy Merson':

infoqueen said...

"Lewdmongers!" has now replaced "asshat" and "twatwaffle" as my epithet of choice.

borky said...

Rex: "Roy Merson is among the most pathetic pseudonyms I've ever seen."

Maybe he should've changed it to Lew D'mongers.


Now she'd rigged up her catapult all she had to do was improvise some ammo.

page 123: "love had nothing to do any more with why she was here laying between the Osgoods."

Whose Osgoods - and for that matter what ARE Osgoods?

Fifi [Feeling is First] said...

that back cover! I imagine a random phrase generator, pre-internet, consisting of throwing darts at pages torn from NY Post.

"Rolling stone ball of fire" can only apply to boogie woogie pianists and, erm,well it sounds like "pianists."

The phrase "go-getter, no flies on him" is found in the book Cannery Village: Company Town By K. Mack Campbell. Perhaps it was a quaint vernacular expression back when.

Sara said...

Lust Drummer and the Lewdmongers WILL be the name of my pub trivia team tonight.

Larry said...

So lets suppose I mail off fourteen bucks for this fine volume. So what are the odd that my friends, no matter how well they know me, when they see this book are going think, for at least a minute, that I am creepy for leaving my porn out in my living room?

Rex Parker said...

Just tell them that you're thinking about becoming a Lust Drummer and you wanted to read up.