Sunday, April 17, 2011

Paperback 404: On Her Majesty's Secret Service / Ian Fleming (Signet P2732)

Paperback 404: Signet P 2732 (15th ptg, ca. 1969)

Title: On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Author: Ian Fleming
Cover artist: photo cover

Yours for: $13


Best things about this cover:
  • Ladies Love Cool James
  • Ladies also Love Quartered Lazenby
  • These all seem like professional models, except for that one lady who is so rapt by Lazenby's prodigious hunk of man-scalp that she's raising her hand in astonishment while simultaneously setting out to scale his head.
  • The fact that Diana Rigg is *not* on the cover of this novel is a crime against humanity.


Best things about this back cover:
  • Aargh, stupid cheap books that can't be bothered to put different images on the back!
  • How much do I want to have some business cards made that read "Ernest Stavro Blofeld — Master Artist of Cruelty / Licensed & Bonded / Walk-ins Welcome! [picture of kittens]"
  • "...his horror-stained career" — oh, man, horror stains are the Hardest to get out. Trust me.

Page 123~

Bond pointed his skis down toward the tree-line, got down in his ugly crouch and shot, his skis screaming, into white space.

Wow. Nobody writes a sex scene quite like Fleming.


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Citizen Dain said...

movie tie-in Bond covers are always a little shaky. The images are usually designed by United Artists' marketing people rather than real pulp fiction artists. The covers from the Signet pocketbooks from the early 60s are simple and fantastic.

By the way, check out the cover of the original hardcover British first editions. They are simply gorgeous.

borky said...

I can't decide whether the aghast bint with her hand on Lazenby's hair's thinking:

1) Oh my god! That's the worst boot polish dye job I've ever seen!

2) They're replacing Sean Connery with THIS guy!

Though at least she looks like she cares!

The rest of 'em look like they're thinking: Where is this place, why am I here, and where's all my magic happy powder gone?

sificligh said...

Wasn't it "Ernst Stavro Blofeld", not "Ernest"?