Saturday, April 30, 2011

On Hiatus til Wednesday (+ "Donovan's Brain")

No new blog posts til Wednesday, May 4. I'm in (literally) sunny southern California, college-reunioning and friend-seeing and crossword-tournament-attending. Maybe I can wring a few trashy paperbacks out of this place. We'll see.

Meanwhile, I recommend this book, which I read on the plane. I don't know what kind of Arctic Tron-scape that's supposed to be in the background. The book takes place in regular old California, 1941.



borky said...

"Honey, I thought the idea was to keep Mr. Donovan's brain why've you installed it in that huge glowing vibrating electronic phallic shaped object thrusting out the top of your kecks? And why's it so monstrous...SO ALIVE...? Not that I'm complaining, or anything..."

"Dam'it, woman! Aren't you the one always telling me it's as if men's penises have a mind of their own? Well here's the scientific proof!"

Anonymous said...

Loved the movie as a kid.