Sunday, June 14, 2009

Paperback 241: Mother, Daughter and Lover / G.G. Fickling (Softcover Library B1069S)

Paperback 241: Softcover Library B1069S (2nd ptg?, 1967ish)

Title: Mother, Daughter and Lover
Author: G. G. Fickling
Cover artist: uncredited

Yours for: $13

Best things about this cover:

  • "Does my bra strap smell weird to you?"
  • "The Intimate Confessions of a Beach Boy" — Brian Wilson at his nadir ... or apex, I guess, depending on how you look at it.
  • We've seen Fickling's work before — they (yes, they) wrote the Honey West novels. I like that their name is a mash-up of "fickle" and "fucking" ... and "finger-licking," sort of.
  • I like the idea that there is a ranking system for the relative explosiveness of Sex Triangles.

Best things about this back cover:
  • "Well preserved?!?!" HA ha. Like a mummy.
  • "Her eyes ... stopped at my wet trunks and narrowed." That's pretty good, as sex fiction cover copy goes. "Youthful, upthrust flesh," less so.

Page 123~

Her voice cracked shatteringly, like a pane of glass.

It's bad enough that you have to use the painful adverb "shatteringly" — do we really need the simile? Glass is the First thing evoked by "shattering." I mean, what else is the shattering supposed to signal? "Her voice cracked shatteringly, like a pot pie."


P.S. I was thrilled recently to hear that my blog had inspired one of my readers to start her own vintage pb collection. Check out one of her initial purchases here. It's ... jaw-dropping.


Dirt Diggler said...

THAT, is NOT a "beach boy" on the cover! That, is a middle-aged, married, father of two in the San Fernando Valley .... probably in car sales.

THEY, are NOT on a beach either. They are someplace close to concrete so lady pink can walk in stiletto heels without breaking her ankle and bleach-blond Ted Danson can wear dress slacks without getting sand up his keester.

justjack said...

"Do you like Fickling?"

I don't know, I've never fickled before."

JamiSings said...

She has a weird looking face. It's so much paler then the rest of her. Like she's wearing a mask or really pale heavy pancake makeup.

Cassandra Gold said...

"Her voice cracked shatteringly, like a pot pie."

*falls over laughing*

Candida said...

I love the "Softcover" emblem on the front cover! If the softcore/softcover connection weren't already more or less implicit, there's that lovely, um, lighthouse shape...

Dirt Diggler said...

Very astute Candida! ... I thought of commenting on that, but believed it too obscure and a reach .... Good Job!

* I'm re-evaluating the cover and now conclude Mr. Danson is:
1) removing the head of a tick lodged in her back. Or,

2) sucking out snake venom. Or,

3) grooming his fellow primate.

Lyndee said...

"Your bra strap smells like the beach. Hey, maybe I'll put that in my next song!"

"I want to make it REALLY clear that her voice cracking sounded like breaking glass."

"Why don't you say it cracked...shatteringly!"

"Is that a real adverb?"

"Of course!"

"What if people don't get the whole glass thing?"

"Say it cracked glass!"

"Perfect! Thanks!"


Ms Avery said...

...I always wear spike heels at the beach.

Alix said...

Um -- if this is a triangle, isn't someone missing from the cover?

Mature and well preserved or youthful and upthrust? Make up your mind, boy?

Also, I imagine "youthful upthrust flesh" is impossible to say five times fast; I dare not attempt it myself.