Sunday, May 31, 2009

Paperback 234: Diagnosis: Love / Barbara Bonham (Monarch 466)

Paperback 234: Monarch 466 (PBO, 1964)

Title: Diagnosis: Love
Author: Barbara Bonham
Cover artist: Lou Marchetti

Yours for: $15

Best things about this cover:

  • The long awaited prequel to "Diagnosis: Murder"
  • Whatever was going on in "their private lives," it apparently involved massive amounts of nitrous oxide
  • "Take off that clown make-up. This is a hospital, not a whorehouse!" / "Oh fuck you, Steve. Perform the appendectomy yourself. I'm going outside to smoke ... and maybe talk to Larry. That's right, I said 'Larry.' Asshole."

Best things about this back cover:

  • "Garnet?"
  • "Chad!" - that's more like it.
  • " ... a strange malady ..." - later diagnosed as "hot pants"

Page 123 (last page!)~

He took the thermometer from her and glanced at it quickly. "Normal. No germs here. It would be perfectly safe to kiss you." He pulled her up into his arms.

I really hope that thermometer was in her mouth.



Veronika said...

-Diagnosis:Flunking biology

Admittedly it has been several years since high school biology, but aren't germs microscopic organisms that you need a microscope to see? Shouldn't a medical doctor know that? or know that at any given time, even with a normal temperature, the human body hosests a miriard of difrent germs, especially in the mouth area?

Well, no wonder he needs those huge gas tanks. they fuel his "bionic" vision... side affects may include blury or Musturd Yellow vision and flatulense, which is why she is discreetly trying to cover her nose...

Dirt Diggler said...

"Larry?! ... Larry Linville? ... that lipless wonder? ... Come on, Loretta, you don't have to play act with me .... I'm Alan Alda, every woman's type B sexual fantasy."

Alix said...

"to practice her profession"

Put like that, it doesn't sound like nursing...

Bet she ends up loving the poor(er) guy. BORing!

Tulse said...

Perhaps she contracted the rocking pneumonia and the boogie woogie flu.

Lisa in Oz said...

"I really hope that thermometer was in her mouth."


JamiSings said...

I wonder if Chad can dance, sing, tap dance, and roller skate as well as Dr. Mark Sloan. Not to mention solve murders long before his policeman son does.

That's what this book needs - some Dick Van Dyke!