Friday, May 29, 2009

Paperback 233: The Sisterhood / Sheldon Lord (pseud. of Lawrence Block) (Softcover Library S95189)

Paperback 233: Softcover Library S95189 (unknown ptg, 1970?)

Title: The Sisterhood
Author: Sheldon Lord (pseud. of Lawrence Block)
Cover artist: uncredited

Yours for: $14

Best things about this cover:
  • "Oh, your Scottie-hair wig is so soft ... it makes me want to unbutton my shirt..."
  • If there's one thing lesbians love more than anything else, it's grooming each other like monkeys.
  • The tall one looks like a transsexual Joan Collins ... is that redundant?
  • "swamp of bisexual love!" - worst thing about it: all the damned mosquitoes

Best things about this back cover:

  • "For Women Only" - somehow, I doubt that
  • "Happy Lesbos Hunting Ground" should totally, Totally be the name of a Vermont resort
  • "Countess!" O, man, this stuff is rich
  • "Infiltrate men's professions" - holy crap, it's an allegory about feminism. E.R.A. = exotic lesbian plot
  • "strange" = paperback cover word of choice for referring to the gays. See also "twilight world," "in-between," etc.

Page 123~

Persistent, isn't he? she thought to herself. Then into the phone, "Look, Brad. Let's take this from the top, huh? I mean - besides the fact that I happen to be, shall we say, occupied - there's something that maybe you haven't thought of."

"Huh? What?" he said desperately.


P.S. Everyone within earshot of this blog is going to want to go out and pick up / order a copy of "Dames, Dolls & Gun Molls: The Art of Robert A. Maguire" (Dark Horse, 2009). It's a loving, glossy, gorgeous tribute to the greatest paperback cover artist that ever lived (IMHO). Literally, every page I turn, I find myself whispering "wow..." It's a reasonably affordable oversized paperback - the large scale reproductions of the art are what really make this book worthwhile. Plus it has lots of insights into Maguire's process, some of the photos he used as references, pencil sketches, etc. See an online flipbook version of the book here. Then buy it. Now.

P.P.S. Article by writer Brian Ritt about sleaze fiction master Orrie Hitt - find it here (this is why I "Follow" Christa Faust on Twitter)


C.K. Dexter Haven said...

I always thought that Joan Collins was unbelieveably hot, especially in the early-1970s.

Lisa in Oz said...

The transsexual Joan Collins looks like she's picking nits from the other girl's hair.

Dirt Diggler said...

Stella "... sank into a swamp of bisexual love..." then "... had come at last to the crossroads...".

--- Just remember: the crossroads within a swamp is ... still a swamp. :(

Alix said...

They're the same damn chick! Even their eyebrows match.

A swampy crossroads? Trouble ahead!

Anonymous said...

If you were to go by the makeup alone, I would say this is more of the "Brotherhood" of the Sisterhood.