Monday, May 25, 2009

Paperback 231: Sin Crop / J. A. Nash (Dragon Edition 151)

Paperback 231: Dragon Edition DE 151 (PBO, 1966)

Title: Sin Crop
Author: J. A. Nash
Cover artist: the artist of the damned

Yours for: $19

Best things about this cover:

  • Define "best"
  • This artist graduated from the "Making Nudity Sad and Joyless" school of painting
  • The positioning of the "Adults Only" sign, dear god! ... "Wanda lived her life by one rule - no anal sex with minors."
  • "... and then the starfish just attacked my boob. It was so weird ..."
  • The background color is there to remind you of the dirtiness you should be feeling in your soul right about now.

Best things about this back cover:

  • For every Sin Crop, there must be a Shame Harvest
  • Remember what I said about back cover copy on sleaze paperbacks (see Paperback 230: Lust Cult). Well, this is pretty typical of what I was talking about. I mean ... comma splice! Come on!
  • "A gaggle of rural women" - I doubt that phrase has ever been used by anyone, anywhere, ever (besides this cover)

Page 123~

As I slowly let my lips glide down to hers, let them collapse to softness, melting and caressing, consuming hers.

Apparently, I am supposed to believe that that is a complete sentence. Then there's this:

Her lips were hot, indescribably soft and moist, forming a delicate cushion [!]. Still I held the locked contact [?], slowly moving my mouth, my arms holding her gently but firmly ...

I lost it at the "slowly moving my mouth" part. Made me imagine being gummed to death by ... what was the name of those novelty singing large-mouth bass?



Sobriquet Magazine said...

"Big Mouth Billy Bass."

Tulse said...

I don't know if I'm disappointed or relieved that this is the only post that has been tagged "starfish".

Miss Maggie said...

It had to be done. I had to google "a gaggle of rural women". I got you and this:


Dirt Diggler said...

* This redhead reminds me of Marion the librarian from the "Music Man". Her head looks middle aged, but her body looks much younger. Rex is right, definitely joyless.

* That is VERY weird breast covering indeed ... Starfish would be difficult to find on the average farm. Perhaps it's a waffle cone with powdered sugar; a tortilla shell; or, even Christmas cookie dough! AS it says,"They ... would use any and all methods to keep their prize gigolo from leaving...". Maybe he or she had a real sweet tooth?

* The cool thing about censorship placards is that they encourage the imagination. For example, I choose to envision something protruding from her derriere ... something handy around the farm ... like: a "What's up doc?" end of a carrot; a goat's foreleg and hoof; or , maybe even a chicken's beak!--- See, the possibilities are endless! Remember, "They were baser than their animals ..." and "...they would tolerate no interfering with their SHAME HARVEST."

Lindsey said...

I adore the term shame harvest. "So, I planted my sins...hope we'll have a real good shame harvest."

Baroness said...

Joyless indeed, look at what I call "porno feet".

Like, where they've beein traipsing around the set barefoot all day and their soles are ghastly-dirty.

Dismal that the artist rendered it so exactly. Skeevy!

JamiSings said...

That's just a sun-shaped pasty. Not unlike the nipple jewelry Janet Jackson sported.