Friday, April 1, 2011

Paperback 398: Sinful Cities of the Western World / Hendrik De Leeuw (Pyramid 27)

Paperback 398: Pyramid Books 27 (1st ptg, 1951)

Title: Sinful Cities of the Western World
Author: Hendrik de Leeuw
Cover artist: Frederick Meyer

Yours for: $18


Best things about this cover:
  • Touchdown! The Giantesses win again! Suck it, Lilliputians!
  • Few people know that the Aurora Borealis is actually caused by a giant radioactive woman named Aurora. Here she is in the little Canadian fishing village where she grew up (before being bitten by that spider...).
  • I love how nonchalant the little people are: "Ugh, her again. What a drama queen."


Best things about this back cover:
  • Look at you, Hartford Courant, working the paradox angle. Look out, big city papers, there's a new kid on the blurb block, and he's hungry!
  • The U.N. had a committee on "White Slavery???"
  • Berlin, why must you be excessive in your sadism and homosexuality? Why can't you just be moderately sadistic and homosexual, like Luxembourg?
  • Memo to copywriter re: last line—"arouse" and "alert" are not synonyms. So unless you really mean to encourage people to engage in the "horrible barter of human flesh," maybe a rewrite's in order.

Page 123~

Even the breath of the woman in my arms, as we danced again, was honey flavored.

"Hey, buddy, why do you keep licking the air around my head? ... well, you sound like a dog, so cut it out or I ain't dancin' with you no more."


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borky said...

Rex, if you think she's tall, how huge must be the guy whose balls she's reaching up for?

Xerxes Iguana said...

But ... but .... SHE HAS NO FEET! (which is strangely disconcerting)
Giantess foot fetishists are obviously not catered for by the White Slavers of Marseilles.

Pax said...

I blush to admit I have a hard cover version of this from the 30's and it doesn't read like pulp. It's quite depressing.

Apparently it's only part one.