Wednesday, November 4, 2009

57 Books from the University Book Sale: Book 5

Title: The Man in Lower Ten (Dell D276, 1959)
Author: Mary Roberts Rinehart
Cover artist: Muni

Yours for: best offer

  • I'm intrigued the modernist book design in the book hammock
  • More gruesome lefthanditude
  • This cover gets awesomer once you realize that it is a wrap-around...
  • Free verse. Interesting. I am imagining this being read at a Poetry Slam. Now I'm imagining it being read by Garrison Keillor. Both versions have their charms / horrors.
  • "Confirmed bachelor" — awesome! The main character is gay! That must be why there's that dash for shocking emphasis in the phrase "he fell desperately, unequivocally / in love — with a woman!" [gasp!]
  • Mmmm, 9. My favorite number. I am the man in lower nine.

Page 123~

Hotchkiss had penetrated the steaming interior of the cave, and now his voice, punctuated by the occasional thud of horses' hoofs, came to me.

What are horses hoofs doing in the middle of an otherwise very hot sex scene?


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Maughta said...

I'm imagining Christopher Walken reading the poem on the back.

Xerxes Iguana said...

Wonderful cover! I love covers where there appears to be a whole little world hidden inside the book. That must be one looooong train ride - from the small splash of colour on Mr Pyjama Man's chest, I presume he's dead. From the hideous rigidity of his arm, I assume he's been lying there for 12 hours and rigor mortis has set in. Where's the attendant for this carriage?

Raven McShayne said...

I have this book! Great cover!!

But, only someone with shame whims would name their wang Hotchkiss!

Lisa in Oz said...

I love this! Love the way his (weird) hand is sticking out, love the way most of his body is hidden, love the wraparound cover!

Alix said...

Shame whims!

Actually, I wasn't getting "gay" from this copy. I figured our boy here is more of a fear-of-commitment George Clooney type.

Michael5000 said...

"What are horses hoofs doing in the middle of an otherwise very hot sex scene?"

If you have to ask, Rex, you'll never understand....

...but seriously, folks: "confirmed bachelor" was accepted and definitive mid-century code for "gay," Alix. Of course, gay and fear of commitment are not mutually exclusive.