Sunday, June 21, 2009

Paperback 244: Split-Level Love / Carlton Gibbs (Softcover Library B1057S)

Paperback 244: Softcover Library B1057S (2nd, 1967)

Title: Split-Level Love
Author: Carlton Gibbs
Cover artist: uncredited [Ernest Chiriaka ("Darcy")]

Yours for: $12

Best things about this cover:

  • "This is a rather odd lap dance ma'am ... ma'am ... why are you looking in my ear, ma'am?"
  • I wonder what the pink "V" stands for?
  • Her lower leg is scary thin.
  • Adoption and abortion ... how topical!?
  • Carlton Gibbs ... was that the doorman on "Rhoda" or the cousin of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air?

Best things about this back cover:

  • Brig Doncaster? Seriously, my paperback collection is killing me with these names! Tell me "Doncaster" doesn't sound like "Dong-caster."
  • There's a whole subset of 60s sex paperbacks about "Suburbia" and the goings-on there. Suburbia is to 60s paperbacks what Juvenile Delinquency is to late-50s paperbacks.

Page 123~

She let him divest her, just the same, of the flimsy fluffs he had given her. She trembled at his touch. His was the kind of diabolical male charm a woman could hate and yet become heedlessly intoxicated with. She could stand there loathing the fact that he had taken hundreds of bras off scores of women [pausing ... doing math ...] and yet thrill to his removing hers. She could grow faint when he touched his lips to her taut breast regardless of how many others he had kissed. She could shiver visibly when his hands slid away her final garment although they were far too practiced.
Brig Doncaster, divester of flimsy fluffs and irresistible asshole extraordinaire.



Alix said...

Too many COULDs, not enough DIDs.

Dirt Diggler said...

"...shocks, kicks, and sex ...split-level love ... lonely, luscious ... startling and spellbinding ... flimsy fluffs ...
Let's hear it for consonant alliteration! (Perhaps the pink "V" stands for "vivacious venereal viruses"...)

* Is that a suburban rock pillow on a suburban stone bench that couple is sitting on?

*Apparently, "fun" and "marriage" are mutually exclusive.

* Every man should aspire to their hands being "far too practiced" if in relationships, but NOT if they're loners!

Lisa in Oz said...

Brig Doncaster would be the best soap opera character name ever.

And I love that there's a big red suggestive "V" on the cover.

Veronika said...

I think the lady on the cover is trying to work the kinks out of her back. Her partner seems surprised by this turn of events - see how he grips the bench? but then he regained his composure and leaned back to have a better look down her cleavage.

Poor Brig, he just wanted to borrow a cup of sugar for his wife's famous apricot pie...he let Rita invite him in, and the next thing he knows someone is tasering and kicking him...

Lyndee said...

That's funny, the first thing I noticed was the pink "V". I was like, "That's so random. What is up with that?"

That is an incredibly un-sexy and awkward-looking position Brig and his lusty lady are in there, and that's if I ignore her overly-long and deformed legs.

Ms Avery said...

Breasts should not be taut.

JamiSings said...

I STILL wonder if people who write books like this have EVER had sex. Or are they just the wild fantasies of 60 year old virgins?

cwogle said...

I've never seen a cameltoe go all the way up to the waist.

Now I can die happy.

Anonymous said...

The cover illustration is painted by Ernest Chiriaka (aka Darcy). Unfortunately the background of the original painting is completely erased.