Saturday, August 5, 2017

Paperback 1001: I, Barbarian / Jay Scotland (Avon T-375)

Paperback 1001: Avon T-375 (PBO, 1959)

Title: I, Barbarian
Author: Jay Scotland
Cover artist: [George Ziel]

Condition: 7/10
Estimated value: $12

Best things about this cover:
  • His mind on women, his groin on horses
  • I, Shirtless—the flamingest novel east of the Urals!
  • His left hand is weird. Like it should be holding something. An ice cream cone, or a lovely bouquet of flowers, perhaps

Avon T375bc
Best things about this back cover:
  • This novel's not frank, but it is frankish
  • Adjective every noun!
  • I like this little sword-split design

Page 123~

"Didn't you notice the unbounded delight in the eyes of his highest excellency when you gave that last feverish lunge toward the edibles?"

If there's another way to approach edibles, I haven't found it.


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Johny Malone said...

"Conquest after conquest, orgasm after orgasm" seems to be the idea ;)

vintagehoarder said...

Is it just me, or does that barbarian have a weird chest? One rib-cage seems to dip lower than the other, and it looks like he has a hairy stomach. Perhaps the book would be more correctly titled, "I, Mutant Barbarian" instead?