Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Paperback 812: The Black Curtain / Cornell Woolrich (Dell 208)

Paperback 812: Dell 208 (1st ptg, 1948)

Title: The Black Curtain
Author: Cornell Woolrich
Cover artist: George Frederiksen

Yours for: $30


Best things about this cover:
  • Me: "Why is the right side of the cover all blacked out? … oh, that's the black curtain. I see…"
  • The Michelin Man stalks his next victim.
  • The Michelin Man is ready for his midnight duel.
  • The Michelin Man feels deep satisfaction at how thoroughly he has painted the town red.


Best things about this back cover:
  • Mapback!
  • 3=trees; 4=trees; 5=darker trees; 6=shrubs…
  • Architectural blueprints! 
  • You have to go through the pantry to get from the kitchen to the dining room?
  • "Don't go in that room." "Why, what's in there?" "Old man." "O dear god!"

Page 123~
"How is it that don't have the estate fenced in?" he asked. "Leave it open like this for anyone to trespass—"
Pretty sure that first question is missing a word. Also pretty sure "We'll have to feel out way through the rough" (on the same page) contains a typo. So … no more blaming the internet for shitty editing.


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Mr E. said...

Pantry location makes sense if this is a butler's pantry, used for staging food for service.

Rex Parker said...

Is the lack of pantry door also customary?

Jean said...

I do so love those Dell mapbacks.

CrowGirl said...

You know, when I pick up a vintage pulp in a bookstore and there's a mapback, I have to resist the urge to scream MAAAAAPBAAAAAACK! Thanks to you.