Monday, April 21, 2014

Paperback 766: Cruise Nurse / Joan Sargent // Calling Dr. Merryman / Margaret Howe (Ace Double F-101)

Paperback 766: Ace Double F-101 (PBO / 1st ptg, 1960)

Title: Cruise Nurse / Calling Dr. Merryman
Author: Joan Sargent / Margaret Howe
Cover artist: [Robert Maguire] / Uncredited

Yours for: $12


Best things about this cover:
  • Even on dumb, forgettable nurse fiction, Maguire's art is Gorgeous (at least I think it's Maguire—at least one bookseller attributes it to him; she Definitely has Maguire Hair)
  • I want to go where she's going.
  • For some reason I'm finding both the title font and the seagulls incredibly charming. In fact, the whole thing shouts "60s good-time fun" so hard that I'm having a hard time disliking anything about it, including overdressed waving dipshit there.


Best things about this other cover:
  • Well … DARE HE!?
  • Ah, the tale of a magnanimous doctor who deigns to screw the nurse everyone thinks is a whore. What a dreamboat.
  • I like to think she just punched Dr. Merryman really hard in his right arm.
  • "Calling Dr. Merryman … come in Dr. Merryman … we are still unable to locate the bottom half of your body … please stand by …"
  • Don't pay …. the Merryman! ('80s music reference for y'all!)

Page 123~
"Elise thinks I'm a beauty," Clay said plaintively.
Try saying "Clay said plaintively" five times fast. Go ahead. I'll wait.


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Jean said...

I have this one! The cover of Cruise Nurse is completely lovable IMO.

Ruben said...

Top one IS Maguire. The bottom one is Lou Marchetti.

Karl said...

Clay said plaintively
Clay said plaintively
Kay sled paintively -- 'Doh!

DemetriosX said...

Cruise Nurse just looks so wholesome! On the other hand, judging from the looks on the faces of Dr. Merryman and the nurse he may have just had a "performance issue". She's quite pretty, though. Looks kind of like Vera Miles.

Anonymous said...

Of course he's having a performance issue: the whole town islooking down, after all.