Sunday, May 19, 2013

Paperback 642: Experiment Perilous / Margaret Carpenter (Pocket Books 278)

Paperback 642: Pocket Books 278 (1st ptg, 1944)

Title: Experiment Perilous
Author: Margaret Carpenter
Cover artist: Uncredited

Yours for: $8


Best things about this cover:
  • "No. No, I don't approve of these young people at all. Decidedly not."
  • Seriously, this is one of the greatest photobombs of all time.
  • Experiment Perilous. Old Man Angry. Noun Adjective! Grrrr.


Best things about this back cover:
  • 4 cents!? It used to be 3!? I blame Obama.
  • Be sure to send the book to a boy, because of course girls can't read so what're they gonna do with it, origami?
  • Publishers still working out the kinks in their blurb presentation strategy. "How 'bout one big undifferentiated mass of quotes?" "Sounds good. Run with it!"

Page 123~
She cried as if her heart would break this afternoon, and confessed to me the most extraordinary thing: she is being followed by a man she has never seen before. This has been going on for three months, she said. Nick pooh-poohs the whole thing, and says every pretty girl learns how to manage that sort of thing in her teens. 
"I've stalked pretty girls my whole life," Nick added, "so believe me, I know."


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Tulse said...

As page 123 makes clear, this is actually a book about grammatical time travel -- while "she" always acts in the past tense, it appears that Nick has travelled to the present.

Random White Guy said...

Thanks alot, back of the book blurb, for telling me absolutely nothing about what the story is about.

sificligh said...

The movie version of this starred Hedy Lamarr and Academy Award winner Pál Lukács.

DemetriosX said...

Oh come on! Nobody has pointed out the obvious resemblance of the disembodied head to Grumpy Cat?

I do like the palette, though, very "perilous". I also like the rounded rectangle encompassing the art (Steve Jobs would approve) and the way the Pocket Books logo makes the art space extend, rather than simply being overprinted.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! 1970's Robert Morley has time-travelled back to 1944 to do some heavy-duty scowling!

Pete said...

Why did you leave off the next paragraph from page 123? It's the best:

...Nick pooh-poohs the whole thing, and says every pretty girl learns how to manage that sort of thing in her teens.

Nick goes further and says sure, you're ugly as bat shit so it's never happened to you before, but it happens. Just go find a pretty girl and ask her how to deal with it.