Sunday, May 12, 2013

Paperback 640: Under Cover of Night / Manning Lee Stokes (MacFadden Books 60-431)

Paperback 640: MacFadden Books 60-431 (1st ptg, 1969)

Title: Under Cover of Night
Author: Manning Lee Stokes
Cover artist: Uncredited

Yours for: $7


Best things about this cover:
  • You must be this tall to ride Manning Lee Stokes.
  • Cigarette holders—I don't really get them, but as visual affectations go, I like them a lot.
  • I actually really love the arc of the title font.
  • There is a reason the show was not called "Mission: Difficult."


Best things about this back cover:
  • "Armed with a gut-searing greed"? Uh ... Clean-up on aisle Metaphor!
  • The Iron Buddha would be a cool wrestling name.
  • The Bloody Cache would not.

Page 123~

Yi Sun-Sin, of course, had Oo working in Seoul, and soon he had known about the American who was coming to find a million buried dollars. And they started making plans. The fact that Oo had been a former houseboy of mine made his chances good.

I'm trying to decide what my favorite part of this passage is: "Oo," "houseboy," or "of course."


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Tulse said...

I don't care what the modern prose stylists say, an Oxford comma is needed to help disambiguate if the CID informer, beautiful woman, and brave Korean are all the same people.

And I always find it weird when the cover art shows people sitting, but not what they're sitting on -- it's like she's levitating.

Dave M said...

The verb is "were to meet..." which is plural so there are at least two subjects. It's actually clearer without the Oxford comma and is the only way to indicate that they are three individuals.

If there was a comma after "mystery," then it would not be clear whether the informer and the woman were the same. If there was only one additional comma after "patriot" would it mean that there was only one person.

Pat said...

How about: "Before Fitzhugh unearthed the money, three people: a CID informer, a beautiful woman of mystery and a brave Korean patriot were all to me ugly fates."

capewood said...

Iron Buddha. Weren't they a psychedelic band from the '60s?

Anonymous said...

No, I think that band was called "Appositive Phrase".

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