Friday, February 1, 2013

Paperback 601: Ace Double D-347 (1st ptg / PBO)

Title: Play For Keeps / The Corpse Without a Country
Authors: Harry Whittington / Louis Trimble
Cover artists: Uncredited / Uncredited

Yours for: $25


Best things about this cover:
  • Perspective!
  • Other shoe!?
  • Come on, Vogue!
  • Garters!?!?! Even in imminent-death, sexy as hell.
  • I am very, very, very distracted by the placement of his pinky finger / left side of his hand.
  • Is that Fear Hand or Buh-Bye Hand?
  • "GOOD"!!! LOL x a million.


Best things about this other cover:
  • Death Is A Sexy Southern Belle Raining Fuchsia Death From Above.
  • The Corpse Had Womanly Hips.
  • Actually, that looks like me coming out of savasana at the end of yoga class.

Page 123~

"I should have killed you. I knew. When you came in. You'd figured it. I knew. I saw it in your face."
"Too bad, Tony. It's all too bad."

Too Bad Tony would be a great nickname. Also, "It's all too bad, Tony" would be the closing aria if this were a musical / opera.


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Margaret said...

Thanks for putting this song in my head: No, I mean it. Not sarcastic. It's a great song.

Curious said...

@Rex - If you look like that dame when you're finishing up your yoga, I would dearly love to know when and where you do yoga.

Karl said...

[Listening to Margaret's recommended song as I type this.]

If only that guy with the "Oh noes!" hand were Mickey Mouse, we might just possibly have gotten a glimpse of some knickers! Where the heck is Mickey Mouse when you need him?

Also: "GOOD" -- the biggest laugh I've had today.

DemetriosX said...

Re that guy's pinky: Obviously, he's one of the Invaders. Also, his watch has no hands,

infoqueen said...

There's something wonky about Southern Belle's left arm: it's too thin, and comes out too low. It looks like she dislocated her shoulder while doing in womanly-hips corpse man.