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Paperback 588: The Sin Shouter of Cabin Road / John Faulkner (Gold Medal s1070)

Paperback 588: Gold Medal s1070 (3rd ptg, 1960)

Title: The Sin Shouter of Cabin Road
Author: John Faulkner
Cover artist: Uncredited

Yours for: $13


Best things about this cover:
  • Josiah never went out a-preachin' without his trusty pet slattern.
  • Behold what the mind-blowing success of Erskine Caldwell hath wrought. 
  • With "ribald," "earthy," "uninhibited" and (on back) "bawdy" all featuring prominently on this cover, I canNot believe there's not a "frank" in sight. I guess "frank" is what you get when you drain the corny humor away.
  • I dig the guy's pocket square but what the hell is up with his shoes? Those are some amazing technicolor dream shoes right there. 
  • She is supposed to be sexy but she has dumb, lop-sided eyes and looks more seal than human.


Best things about this back cover:
  • If you liked "Uncle Good's Girls," you'll "Uncle Good's Girls II: Gooder Than Ever."
  • I believe in the reality of a person named "Harry Serwer" about as much as I believe in a "star of Beelzebub."
  • Please please please let "the glory trail" be some porn term I'm as-yet unaware of.

Page 123~

"They ain't much difference in them politicians oncet they gits to Washington nohow," Uncle Good said. "They are all jest about furriners. I wouldn't trust nair one in Washington after they let the W P and A fall through."

Uncle Good—poet, prophet, statesman, regional caricature


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Tulse said...

Please please please let "the glory trail" be some porn term I'm as-yet unaware of.

Here you go...

Patrick Murtha said...

Brother of the more famous William, about whom he penned a memoir ("My Brother Bill"), John wrote fiction more in the style of Erskine Caldwell, as this cover accurately indicates. He wrote nine published novels (the first, "Beat Six," appeared posthumously from Hill Street Press in 1999). Three appeared in hardcover between 1941 and 1950 - "Men Working," "Dollar Cotton," "Chooky" - but with the success of "Cabin Road" as a paperback original in 1951, Faulkner continued to publish in that format thenceforward. All the PBOs are part of a novel-cycle (I guess that runs in the Faulkner family): after "Cabin Road" come "Uncle Good's Girls," "The Sin Shouter of Cabin Road," "Ain't Gonna Rain No More," and - yes, there is an "Uncle Good's Girls II" - "Uncle Good's Week-End Party."

Lesser-known writing brothers are fairly common in the novelistic fraternity: you've got Evelyn Waugh's brother Alec, George Gissing's brother Algernon, Anthony Trollope's brother Thomas, and so on.

Anonymous said...

The cover art and back page blurbs may as well say "You really don't want to buy this book" more than any other you've posted here.

Dictionaries also don't support hussy as an adjective, so I don't know what hussy daughters are.

Patrick Murtha said...

Nouns are used appositively to describe other nouns all the time. My angel daughters, my artist daughters, my doctor get the drift.