Monday, May 7, 2012

Paperback 525: Sex Games That People Play / Daniel Gordon (ed.) (Ace 75963)

Paperback 525: Ace 75963 (2nd ptg, 1973)

Title: Sex Games That People Play
Editor: Daniel Gordon
Cover artist: photo

Yours for: $7

Best things about this cover:

  • So ... what game is this? Naked Opiate Tag? Pretend Overdose?
  • The font alone is skeezing me out. I think this font is called "Unclean Hot Tub."
  • "Edited by..." makes no sense. There are no author credits inside. Maybe he edited ... himself? Is that one of his "games?"

Best things about this back cover:
  • There once was a publication called "Sex Guide Magazine" ... seriously, that's the whole story.
  • I love how the book decides, rather late in the game, to go all scare-quotey with "games." "Wait, you mean all this time I thought we were having sex we were really having 'sex'? What kind of 'game' are you playing!?"

Page 123~

Sexually, he was not as passionate, but she did not mind because he always satisfied her. She told a friend, "he always manages to come through with a good one when I need him. Can I ask for any more?"

"Manages to come through with a good one" is about as unerotic as sex talk can get. Anyone who talks about her husband's sexual performance the way she'd talk about her son's little league performance deserves no love, or sex, or human companionship whatsoever.


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PS I think reader JamiSings sent me this a long time ago ... so thanks to her.


JamiSings said...

Yes, I did. And you're welcome.

It was always the color of the rest of the cover that got to me. Brown and a kind of mustard yellow? What that reminds me of isn't sexy. Unless you're into scat play.

DemetriosX said...

They're obviously riffing on the pop-psychology megahit Games People Play that made transactional analysis the in thing for most of the 70s. Everything about the cover just screams late 70s: color, font, layout. Gah.