Sunday, April 15, 2012

Paperback 517: The best of ROCKY and the complete ROCKY II / Fotonovel Publications (nn)

Paperback 517: Fotonovel nn (1st ptg, 1979)

Title: The Best of 'Rocky' and the Complete 'Rocky II' 
Author: Uncredited
Cover artist: Movie still

Yours for: $9

Best things about this cover:
  • Here we see Rocky moments before he is eaten alive by a hungry pack of extras from "Free to Be You and Me"
  • You can pay in Pounds Sterling or American Dollars. "Special Edition!"
  • I like the Rocky figure inside the "Y" of Rocky II, though it looks less like a boxer than a guy wearing oven mitts being held up at gunpoint.

Best things about this back cover:
  • "At last!"—something no one ever said about a Fotonovel.
  • "ROCKY II picks up where ROCKY leaves us"—what a novel concept in sequelry!
  • How does he get his right-bottom lip to do that!? It's freaky. Stroke-ish.

Page 123~ (there are no page #s, so I'm just guessing here)


I don't think Adrian is frightened so much as ashamed. It's one thing to get knocked down, and quite another to cower and present your junk to the camera in such a self-abasing fashion.


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Miss Maggie said...

My favorite book when I was a kid was a photonovel of Goonies. I guess I should hide my head in shame now.

Titus Groan said...


Nah. Anything to do with the Goonies gets you a free pass!

Doug Brunell said...

I had a couple of weird Fotonovels, but I can't remember a single one of them.