Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Paperback 506: The Man Inside (Milo March Mystery 4) / M.E. Chaber (Paperback Library 63-213)

Paperback 506: Paperback Library 63-213 (1st ptg, 1970)

Title: The Man Inside (Milo March Mystery 4)
Author: M. E. Chaber
Cover artist: Robert McGinnis

Yours for: $5


Best things about this cover:
  • Yes, Lee Marvin likes your see-through sarong very much.
  • Seriously, this guy is my hero. I want his rough-hewn throne, his shirt, his, let's say, bourbon, and his, let's say, companion.
  • The art deco-ish font is ... odd. Not throne-odd, but odd.
  • Where Is Her Other Shoe!?


Best things about this back cover:
  • Hell Yeah Wenching! 
  • I want a sweater made of Chaber yarn.
  • "You need not be told ..." HA ha. That wins "Most Unnecessary Blurb."

Page 123~

"Homicide is sending a man. Maybe they've already sent him. I threw around as much weight as I could and I think he'll look you up before he does anything, but don't expect any more than that. I don't think he'll give you any cooperation."
"I never expect any from a cop," I said.

Ooh, a quipster who plays by his own rules. He's the Die Hard of his generation.


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Tulse said...

McGuinnis really was brilliant -- I adore the detailed musculature on this woman, and I think I am in love with the two dimples just above each cheek.

Graham Powell said...

Looks more like James Coburn than Lee Marvin to me. Though I was distracted and didn't get a clear look...

McClaverty said...

McGinnis used Coburn as a model for many of the covers in this series

To quote McGinnis, "Coburn was easy to draw - long and lean, ideally proportioned, with a lot of character in his face." (from The Paperback Covers of Robert McGinnis)

Titus Groan said...

Graham, Right you are! My first thought was Our Man Flint!

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or do James Coburn's legs look seriously out of proportion with the rest of his body. I think leg:body is supposed to be around 4:3, but James' is looking closer to 7:3. The girl, on the other hand, comes in at 5:3; quite fetching if a little unusual, but not sasquatch freaky like him. I'm also guessing that he and Shaquille O'Neal buy their shoes from the same place.

Anonymous said...

His legs also look like they don't bend. They just go straight up and connect to his chest right under his armpits.
Seriously, there is no way he's actually sitting.

DemetriosX said...

My first thought was a younger George Peppard (say circa Banacek), but I can definitely see Coburn there. It also seems to be Rex's week for women in backless high heels.

On the back cover, I'm really bothered by the design fail in the first line. There's nothing wrong with the hyphenation per se, but it jars visually.

Titus Groan said...
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Titus Groan said...

re long legs.

That's James Coburn for you!

Google Coburn Flint and you will even see several Flint images with very long legs, for example That cover art is even listed as a McGinnis picture for Coburn as Flint in _Our Man Flint_ (mirror image).

Random White Guy said...

I have to agree with the others that his legs seem to begin right under his chest.