Friday, October 21, 2011

Paperback 468: Anybody's Girl / March Hastings (Midwood 33-870)

Paperback 468: Midwood 33-870 (2nd ptg, 1967) 

Title: Anybody's Girl 
Author: March Hastings
Cover artist: Paul Rader

Yours for: $30


Best things about this cover: 
  • "Do these pajama bottoms make my boobs look big? Be honest." 
  •  Margo found that no one could resist her charms once she lured them into her Teal Chamber. 
  • And the Strategic Sheet Placement Award goes to ... Paul Rader for his "Rear End of a Reclining Brunette"! 


Best things about this back cover: 
  • Cliff, Ha ha. Good luck explaining the Skid Row bums to Cliff. 
  • "And there were others." Yeah, that's implied, idiot. God, nothing is unhotter than terrible writing. 
  • "The User and the Used" — once again, publishers miss a golden book-naming opportunity. 

Page 123~ 
Addie wanted to voice her disappointment but she held it in, moving silently beside Margo, trusting Margo to lead her to the sights and the activities forbidden to normal human beings.

So ... Addie wanted Margo to take her to a Renaissance Faire?



Katie said...

How many scare dashes does one back cover need? Once you've said "A man -- or a woman --," "New York men -- or women --" just doesn't pack much punch.

Spectergirl said...

God, nothing is unhotter than terrible writing.

That really made me laugh.

capewood said...

My first name happens to be Cliff and I hardly ever see characters with my name. Trust me, I would not be understanding about the Skid Row bums.

Anonymous said...

Yet not a single word about the terrible discomfort being experienced by the half-sheeted brunette, with her torso all twisted like that. I mean, YOU try it!

Doug Brunell said...

I want this book!

Rex Parker said...

If you actually want to buy it, you can contact me directly. Information right there in the sidebar under "Contact Info."


infoqueen said...

Is it just me, or does the name "Margo" come up a lot in lesbian lit?

Sam Parillo said...

Dear Addie,

New Yorkers, or should I say New York men - or women-, are not the only way to 'get it'. We here at Parillo Tours offer a wide variety of specialty trips, both domestic and international, designed to meet the needs of people with similar desires. There's not need to restrict oneself to New Yorkers.

May I suggest Thailand?

Sam Parillo,
Parillo Tours.