Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Paperback 350: Strumpets' Jungle / Sloane Britain & Any Man's Plaything / Rubel (Dollar Double 951)

Paperback 350: Dollar Double 951 (1st ptg / 1st ptg, 1962)

Title: Strumpets' Jungle // Any Man's Plaything
Authors: Sloane Britain // Rubel (HA ha, one name, like Collette, or Ludacris)
Cover artists: Robert Bonfils // Robert Bonfils

Yours for: $40


Best things about the "Strumpets' Jungle" cover:
  • One of the craziest covers I own. First of all, full frontal female nudity? They cover the nipples with a narrow tree branch, but leave the crotch wide open!? Is the dark patch hair? Or does she shave and that's just a shadow? These tree lesbians are wild!
  • Second, tree lesbians?
  • I find this cover incredibly creepy, as it reminds me of nothing so much as the crucifixion. There's Jesus lesbian, and then Thief #1 lesbian over there, and then ... I guess the Thief #2 lesbian is off-screen. Really horrifying. Or else they are being eaten by tree creatures (Ents?) who really love voluptuous lesbians. Or else this is some sylvan lesbian sex rite that my lesbian friends have somehow never told me about.
  • I'm no ecosystem expert, but that doesn't look like a "jungle."
  • And in case you didn't know, "3rd Sex" = homosex...ual


Best things about the "Any Man's Plaything" cover:
  • She is antithesis of women on the other cover, as she is wearing panties *and* concealing her pubic region with her hands.
  • There's nothing very "shocking" looking about this cover. Pretty girl in her underwear, not letting you peek at her crotch. Only the shoes suggest she has anything on her mind besides shutting the door on you and getting some rest. All I know about her is that she has very good balance.

Page 123 of "Strumpets' Jungle"~

"Paula, I don't understand. What were they ...?"
"Never mind that for now," I said. "We've got to get to our classrooms."


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Brian Busby said...

"DOLLAR DOUBLE", yet it sells for 95¢. Doesn't that sorta run against the effect you're after in lopping off that nickel?

Frank said...

The Ents have been without the Entwives for a VERY long time; naturally, they turn to strumpets for comfort.

What's with that second ellipsis in the tagline, BTW?

JamiSings said...

Obviously the strumpets are growing out of the trees. The dark patch is simply some leaves that will be shed once this strumpet is ripe.

Yep, it'll be a fine strumpet harvest this year.

capewood said...

My dictionary says that a strumpet is a prostitute. So these are not just any lesbians, but lesbian prostitutes. Who hang out in trees. Looking for Janes (rather than Johns), I guess.

Ben said...

You're right, that "Strumpets" cover is completely mental - never seen anything quite it, and the lurching, acid trip perspective and red filter just seals the deal.

In fact, the two sides of this book seem almost like special rorschach test for heterosexual men. I can imagine they'd leave it in the waiting room prior to a job interview or something, and observe candidates' reactions.

If you choose the tree lesbians, a big red mark goes in yr file.

al boraq said...

RE: Strumpets' Jungle (by Sloane Britain) - see, it's true, in the end even lesbians can't resist wood.

RE: Any Man's Playmate (by Rubel): did Fred Flintstone ever find out Barney wrote this sort of stuff?