Sunday, March 29, 2009

Paperback 212: Notorious / Day Keene (Gold Medal 372)

Paperback 212: Gold Medal 372 (PBO, 1954) - Canadian Edition

Title: Notorious (no, not that "Notorious")
Author: Day Keene
Cover artist: Uncredited

Yours for: $12

Best things about this cover:
  • The fact that the Canada-only "35c" price tag overrides the Giant "25c" sign in the middle of the cover painting.
  • Innocent country girl tries to make it in the big ... Carny?
  • "I want to look like her. Can you do that, leering carnival barker man?"
  • "So, whatcha got in the suitcase, lady?" "Murder." "Oh ... I see."
  • "Murder in her suitcase" - this makes me hope for something gloriously bloody, like a small chainsaw with which she starts beheading everyone in site: "Is this part of the show, mama?"
  • I Really wish the lady in the foreground weren't so damned shadowed

Best things about this back cover:

  • Say what you will about Day Keene, he could totally rock the 'stache.
  • Ferron! "They call me Ferron: The Iron Man"
  • "the main chance"? - is that Canadian for "the big score"?

Page 123~

Kelcey struck Ferron in the face. "Where's the money, carny? Where's the eighteen grand?"



Alix said...

"Murder in her suitcase" -- the airlines charge for that now.

Somebody's bra is not doing its job, is all I'm sayin'.

I know I should be impressed with all the Gold Medal mentions, but it just makes me think of flour. Maybe the book came tucked in a five-pound bag with a recipe for apple crisp. Ooh, now I'm hungry...

Michael said...

I could never find this!

I love noirs and carnies. Please let me have this book!

Rex Parker said...

You can purchase it for the posted price. Email me (see sidebar for address) if you're really interested. You may want to hold off 'til Wednesday, though - more carny action on the way ...


Tulse said...

Rex, I'm curious -- why do you sell off these wonderful items? Are the ones you offer for sale your less desirable items, or are you trying to pare down your collection, or are you just a wonderfully generous person?

Michael5000 said...

So, the blonde is NOT a lady. Is THAT part of the show, mama?