Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Paperback 168: Tales of the Flying Mountains / Poul Anderson (Collier 01626)


Truth be told, this book was not scheduled to be written up today. There was an interesting but visually bland book on tap for today, but I decided I needed something spicy to help me celebrate my birthday, so I skipped forward two books in line and found this. Enjoy!

Paperback 168: Collier 01626 (1st ptg, 1971)

Title: Tales of the Flying Mountains
Author: Poul Anderson
Cover artist: Uncredited

Yours for: $8

Best things about this cover:

  • "Tales of the Flying Mountains," Or, "Psychedelic Ape Men Visit the Boob Museum"
  • I've heard them called a lot of things. "Flying Mountains" is not one of those things.
  • More proof that everyone in the early 70s was high. How I survived my infancy is a miracle.

Best things about this back cover:

  • How many papers does Washington have?
  • This book is apparently a collection of short stories, each of which originally appeared in Analog magazine between the years 1963 and 1965. Anderson published them under the pseudonym "Winston P. Sanders." They are all set in a common futuristic universe in which mankind has colonized the solar system. One of the reviews at amazon starts with the phrase, "Taking his cue from Chaucer..." (!?)

Page 123~

... and yet that spark, together with the dwarfed sun, reached across to grip this orb on which she dwelt and lock it fast for eternity.

This book should be called "Grip This Orb" (see cover painting)



Anonymous said...

Beatles Psychedlia in spades! Just look at the poster-art style on the left and the artist's take on the "Abbey Road" cover with the guys walking leftward.

The boobs? Well: THERE THEY ARE!

Wishing you a groovy birthday.

Love the blog. (Thanks Absinthe!)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

As to the cover - what the hell do the boobs have to do with it again?? Is there lots of nudity and space sex in the future? You are right about the 70's drug use!

warren said...

Wow, my birthday was Monday. It's nice to have made it another year, huh?

Corey Wilde said...

Happy B-Day!

Yeah, that cover looks like a work by Peter Max (would I make up a name like that?).

Michael5000 said...

I am happy to learn that someone else has an advance schedule of post topics.

Lisa in Oz said...

Nothing says "Happy Birthday" like boobs on a book cover. Awesomeness!

JamiSings said...

Are you sure those are boobs? It looks like a man's chest on my computer.

pious agnostic said...

Happy boobday.

Anonymous said...

Have a great and flashback-free birthday!