Friday, November 7, 2008

Paperback 160: Galaxy Science Fiction (December 1959)

Paperback 160: Galaxy Science Fiction (December 1959)
  • Includes work by: Robert Bloch ("Sabbatical"), Philip K. Dick ("War Game"), Frederick Pohl ("The Snowmen"), Robert Sheckley, Willy Ley, George O. Smith, A.J. Offutt, and others
  • Cover artist: EMSH (best cover artist name ever) - real name = Ed Emshwiller

Yours for: $14

Best things about this cover:

  • It is aDORable. I want to make Christmas cards out of this cover.
  • Martian pyjamas
  • Santa has four arms
  • I want that rocket that Santa is holding
  • Really, the design on this cover is astonishingly beautiful. It's like Norman Rockwell meets mid-century modern meets The Future. The little silver snowflake-stars around the date / price just seal the deal
  • How did Robert Bloch and Philip K. Dick get driven off the front cover by ... these guys. A.J. Offutt? He should be banished for name ugliness alone.

Best things about this back cover

  • Seriously, one of the Worst ads I've ever seen. Shouldn't the NAME OF YOUR PRODUCT be featured ... somewhere? Prominently? I mean, if the title had been "What's In IF For You?" I might have been impressed. Maybe that was the idea and the typesetter just effed up.
  • "We often wonder why all our readers aren't subscribers" = "We often wonder why we can't pay our bills each month"
  • I imagine the most boring, droning, Hugh Beaumont-esque guy making this would-be sales pitch. "When you subscribe to our magazine, it comes straight to your house via a little bit of magic we like to call: The Mail"
  • Who designed this, Luddites!? It's like the anti-ad!

Page 123~

"People are always watching me, Brother," I said. "So now they do it even when they aren't around. I should have known it would come to that."
-from "Charity Case" by Jim Harmon

This is far too prescient for me to snark on.


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Michael5000 said...

Looking at this cover, I says to myself, I says, "this is just teh cute. Classic. I can hardly bear to watch Rex rip on it."

Fortunately, our host is a man of fine sensibilities.

Regarding the back cover: it's whole point is DON'T BUY THIS MAGAZINE AT THE NEWSTAND, FOOL! Nothing like antagonizing the merchants who stock your goods....