Sunday, August 31, 2008

Paperback 132: With Sirens Screaming / Ernest Booth (Pyramid Books 121)

Paperback 132: Pyramid Books 121 (1st ptg, 1954)
Title: With Sirens Screaming
Author: Ernest Booth
Cover artist: looks like Robert Stanley, but it's technically "uncredited"

Yours for: $11

Best things about this cover:

  • "Who is it, Steve? Is the pizza here?"
  • "They PAID the PRICE for a PREMARITAL indiscretion" - a PYRAMID PAPERBACK, featuring ... POLICE, and ... other "P" words you may have heard of
  • "With Sirens Screaming" - Would have been better if the Sirens had been Screaming "Sin, Sin, Sin!"; what kind of alliteration-inducing dope were the copywriter guys smoking?
  • What is she doing with that sheet? It's a little late for modesty, sweetheart.
  • The lady looks concerned not, as you might expect, because the police have come to stone her to death for being a harlot, but because in attempting to rise from bed, she has broken or otherwise done something horrible to her left wrist
  • Hey, Steve. Little advice. If you are trying to peer through a window discreetly, you might not wanna pull the curtains apart so wide.

"Hey, coppers, look at the hot piece of tail I got up in here! Yeah, you wish your wives were this hot!"

"[tee hee], oh Steve... you're funny, and not nearly as creepy and sadistic as my friends said you were"

Best things about this back cover:

  • You had me at "merciless penal code."
  • This back cover brought to you by "Adjectives 'R' Us" - where we believe that every shocking noun deserves a reckless adjective. If you aren't happy with our merciless service, we'll give you your vicious money back

Page 123~

His shoulder had become a burning area whose throbbing was cadenced to each step he took ...

"Uh ... that's not my shoulder."



Anonymous said...

Also: teenagers? The last time either of them could describe themselves as such was before the Great Depression.

JamiSings said...

It looks more like to me that the bed is eating her hand.

But dang, I wish I had a figure like her's.

Michael5000 said...

Speaking of his shoulder, there's something odd about the way it's rendered on the cover. He looks vaguely insectoid to me.

I note that this is the "Abridged" version. I'm always leary of those; how can we trust the editor to have preserved Booth's literary intent? I don't want to miss a single adjective.

Anonymous said...

That police car is AWFULLY close to the window. I like to think that its still moving at full speed.

Great write up by the way, had me full on guffawing.

Anonymous said...

The dude still has his clothes on. What's his name, Forrest Gump? And not only has he got the drapes pulled back way too far for peekaboo, but the Venetian blinds are pulled up. Was he expecting? the cops?