Thursday, April 19, 2007

American Idol: Down to 6

"Near Miss"

Well, I have thought for a while now that Lakisha would be this year's Jennifer Hudson and get sent home Well before her time, and that nearly happened last night. As my friend Andrew said, though, perhaps this will light a fire under her, because she has been Seriously underperforming. Andrew was happy Blake was in the bottom 3. I was not. Chris MUST be the next to go - that defense of "nasally" alone should be cause for his instant ejection from the show. I LOVED how they showed All of Simon's Tuesday-night reactions to Chris - what a greatly terrible coincidence that Simon appears to be dismissively rolling his eyes at Chris's good thoughts for the people affected by the VT massacre. It has the appearance of pure evil that you rarely get to see. It's something a super-villain would do. Of course he clearly was not paying attention to a damn thing Chris was saying at that point, having (understandably) tuned him out when he defended "nasally" as "a kind of singing."

So the Sanjaya buffer is gone. Everyone is potentially in danger now (except Melinda - that girl's gonna win it all). How do I love them? Let me rank them.

6. Chris - please do not vote for him. If you like Boy Band, vote Blake, who at least knows that you sing with your mouth, not your nose.

5. Penishead - no longer my least favorite. I worry that he will last longer than he should (top 3)

4. Jordin - I know, 4 is low for her, but I have not been wowed the way others have. She is like a more talented Diana DiGarmo to me; something rubs me the wrong way.

3. Lakisha - slipping ... she must make her triumphant comeback Next Week!

2. Blake - he is the guiltiest pleasure ever. The song he sang this week ("When the Stars Go Blue"), was written and first recorded by Ryan Adams, not Tim McGraw, by the way. That's RYAN Adams, not BRYAN Adams. Do not make that mistake. I hear he hates it.

1. Melinda - clearly in a class by herself right now. Lakisha is the only person whose talent even comes close to Melinda's. The only person who can beat Melinda, I think, is Jordin, mainly because she's talented enough AND kids are apt to vote for her more than they are for Melinda.

More next week, for sure.



Anonymous said...

Another opinion. For someone who had only watched one episode before this season, I can't believe how hooked I am on it. I think it has something to do with the fact that as a jock, ilove to see people competing under great pressure.

Anyway, my order is as follows;

1. Melinda--sublime voice

5. Jordin--improving new comer
6. Lakisha--capable of absolutely the best performance, but has rarely done so.

10. Blake-the best of a bad boy group.

13. Phil
14. Chris

The numbering is intended to reflect the relative gap in quality between performers.

Anonymous said...

Confession -- I was a little choked up by the Lakisha/Sanjaya drama last night. (It's all I saw of the show.) Poor Sanjaya -- there was something in his eyes that made me think that when he gets home from the AI fantasy world some of the nastyness directed toward him will sink in, though I enjoy thinking that he's had a good time tweaking everyone while it lasted.

RP, I will try to forgive your low estimation of Jordin by recognizing that whatever you see in Blake is totally hidden from me, and he *totally* rubs me the wrong way -- like a cocky frat boy kind of thing.

So, the correct ordering:

Lakisha (more talented)/Jordin (more consistent, possibly a better "performer")

Blake (do not get him!) /Phil (does not annoy me as much as Blake)

Chris (more dull than Phil, and that says it all)

Rex Parker said...

I see frat boys Every Day and I don't really see any frat boy in Blake. I want him to break out the beat-box again, actually. I think he could be a very entertaining and talented performer. I know, it's indefensible, my admiration for him. I'm just being honest about my dark places.

My daughter just exclaimed, from the bath, "We are Femitists!"

Yes we are.

Jordin is over-rated. She does not have control over her amazing talent, and she canNot sell a song in a convincing way. This is to say she just Isn't Grown Up. It's not her fault. Still, she may win it all. I certainly hope she's still there two weeks from now.