Thursday, August 7, 2008

Paperback 124: Mark of the Beast / John E. Muller (Badger Books SF 105)

Paperback 124: Badger Books SF 105 (ed. unknown, ca. late 1950s)

Title: Mark of the Beast
Author: John E. Muller
Cover artist: Are you kidding? These damned British imprints give you Zero info - see (missing) publication info, above. You really think they're going to bother telling you the cover artist? Hah. Or maybe the cover artist deliberately had his name withheld so that he could avoid the shame of having to account for such a (literal) monstrosity of a painting.

Yours for: $18

Best things about this cover:

  • Note: if you are going to cave in and give the gorilla chocolate, do not, I repeat, do not give him that cheap Toblerone crap from the Duty-Free shop.
  • Oh my God that cackling rhombus-headed simian is going to haunt my dreams for Months!
  • This book seems to be some kind of cross between Frankenstein and King Kong - but the monster design seems to have serious Coneheads influence
  • Check out the teeny "N.Z." sticker. I normally hate price stickers on my books, but this one is Adorable.
  • That's one convincing badger.

Best thing about this back cover:

  • The monster returns, and though he appears to be electrified / radioactive, the pink background really softens his overall image: "The Mark of the Beast ... for Ladies"

Page 123:

Sprinting as though he were Britain's last hope in the Olympics, the Security man threw everything he had into reaching a doorway on the far side of the ape.



Corey Wilde said...

Okay, who leaked the photo taken of me that time I got drunk at Pat O'Brien's?

Anonymous said...

Pink Floyd: The Far Side of the Ape

Zach M. said...

I think the ape is angry because his abs and his pecs have fused together somehow.

Michael5000 said...

Not the strongest back-cover teaser text ever. Heredity is dependent on the complex patterns of genes and Zzzzzzz....