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Paperback 1066: Anton York, Immortal / Eando Binder (Belmont B50-627)

Paperback 1066: Belmont B50-627 (1st ptg, 1965)

Title: Anton York, Immortal
Author: Eando Binder (pseud. of Otto Binder)
Cover artist: Uncredited

Condition :7/10
Value: $5-10

Best things about this cover:
  • When your space nurse comes to give you your space shot ...
  • Look out, space Indiana Jones! The space boulder! Behind you!
  • Anton York, Lord of the Sparkle Wands!
  • I love how everyone who designed anything in the '60s was high as fuck
  • If "Eando Binder" seems an improbable name, get this: even more improbably, it was the pseudonym of two entirely different Binders: Earl Binder (born Hungary, 1904) and Otto Binder (born Michigan, 1911). Today, Otto's our guy.
Best things about this back cover:
  • This is the future version of that Uncle Sam poster: "I Want You ... to be Immortal"
  • OK, this is just the round part of the front cover art, boo, seen it, boo!
  • What the hell is a "man of tomorrow"? When are "the dim future ages"? Why must this "man-made God" die? I guess I could read the book, but somehow the continuing adventures of Anton York, Space Dork are not tempting me
Page 123~

He was the living zombie of the hypno-beast.

If that's not the opening line of a '60s psychedelic rock song (or a '60s novelty song), I don't know what is


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DemetriosX said...

To be fair, the Binders were brothers. For those not in the know, Eando stands for E and O. But Earl dropped out fairly early on and Otto wrote most of the stuff they're known for on his own. Otto also wrote for the comics. He was important to the development of Captain Marvel (the one called Shazam these days), came up with Jimmy Olsen's signal watch, and wrote most of the early Bizarro stories.

The front cover just screams mid-60s. The abstract stuff, the shading, the color palette, it's all there. And dig that crazy typeface. I'm trying to figure out who it is the guy looks like. I think it's Rock Hudson, but I'm not sure.

Rex Parker said...

Thanks so much, @DemetriosX. This is precisely why I wanted to revive this blog—so others could offer their keen observations and tell me things I didn't know. I noted the E and O thing to myself (as a solver of crosswords, I'm trained to see five-letter words with "AND" in the middle as pairs of letters, e.g. RANDB, BANDB, etc.), but I was just goofing around with letters—never imagined that "E and O" is exactly what the name stood for! Spaceman looks like Randolph Scott to me. . . maybe Tony Perkins ... ~RP