Sunday, May 7, 2017

Paperback 991: The Silencers / Donald Hamilton (Gold Medal k1392)

Paperback 991: Gold Medal k1392 (2nd ptg, 1964)

Title: The Silencers
Author: Donald Hamilton
Cover art: Uncredited

Condition: 9/10 (unread)
Estimated value: $13-15

Best things about this cover:
  • Is that a belt? It looks like Satan's own spatula. Either way, that's *gotta* hurt.
  • What kind of space-age roller-coaster are these people fighting over?
  • I love the effusion of motion lines. Makes a mockery of the very idea of motion lines. Way more lines than there could be motions. Bonkers.
  • I'm guessing the lady is supposed to be bound, but it looks like she was just napping.

Best things about this back cover:
  • "... a long day's journey into ..." The next word in that sentence should be MURDER, not the painfully anticlimactic "the New Mexico mountains."
  • "God help us all"—man, I didn't realize official file cards got that emotive.
  • "Jimmy Bond!" "Fop!" Take that ... Britain!

Page 123~

"Then somebody heaved a knife and everything went to hell."

Thanksgiving's a rough holiday for everyone.


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Karl said...

I believe I read this book, about eleventy-kajillion years ago. Matt and a lady friend were tied up, but Matt had a Secret Agent belt buckle with a hidden blade for just such an eventuality. Of course if you're tied up with your hands behind your back you have to start by sliding your belt around back-to-front. For some reason the hidden blade thing didn't work, but nevertheless Matt manages to get free enough so that he can take his belt off and use it to hack/bludgeon his captor the next time he comes in the room. So that's why Matt is standing funny: his ankles are still tied together.

I also remember a passage that went into some detail about how difficult it is to literally rip a dress off of an uncooperative woman. Weird stuff, and I was definitely too young and tender an age to be reading such sophisticated literature.

Bram said...

As a resident of New Mexico, I'm going to need some follow-up here. We demonstrably have ghost towns and ungodly devices, but I've not run across the combination.