Friday, August 12, 2016

Paperback 967: Silent Sex / Jim Harmon (France F21)

Paperback 967: France F21 (PBO, 1962)

Title: Silent Sex
Author: Jim Harmon (credited on back) (?)
Cover artist: "Cover Photo by Ralph Poole / Cover posed by professional model"

Estimated value: $25
Condition: 8/10

Best things about this cover:
  • Doesn't sound like much fun tbh
  • Should the main visual component of the cover of a book called "Silent Sex" be the fabric pattern on the couch? Seafoam Sex!
  • France books are ... so odd. They combine the fanciness of a fold-out front cover with the low-rent ickiness of everything else. Here's the out-folded cover:

  • I guess we get a pretty good stretch of hind quarters there, but once again, I'm queasily mesmerized by the decor. Sex in a gilded frame!

Best things about this back cover:
  • Whoa. 1920s Hollywood? Did NOT see that coming.
  • Next time someone doesn't recognize your (or anyone else's) name, just follow it up with "... of the Purple Gloves?" and see what happens.
  • I want to like Sherri Novak because like me she appears to be a medievalist of sorts, but that blurb makes no sense.
  • I really want "Billy" to be a literal horse.

Page 123~

Now, six years later, he was sleeping at the side of a girl who had learned "tricks" from an under-the-counter book. Full circle.

He shook her awake. "Do the rabbit one again! Please!"


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[lrf] said...

Pretty sure Billy is literally a horse. I'm guessing "Tom Mason" is Tom Mix and "Billy" is Tony.

And I'm guessing Sherri Novak is mostly interested in the S&M aspects of medieval torture implements and not the cultural context.

And I agree that this cover could not be less appropriate for this book.

Unknown said...

I love the expression on the face of the "real model" so much. She is so square jawed, yet vulnerable in her nakedness. Could she be ... Dare I ask? ... A non-hetero character?