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Paperback 957: The Case of the Golddigger's Purse / Erle Stanley Gardner (Pocket Books 4505)

Paperback 957: Pocket Books 4505 (8th ptg, 1962)

Title: The Case of the Golddigger's Purse
Author: Erle Stanley Gardner
Cover artist: Robert McGinnis

Estimated value: $6-10
Condition: 8/10 (shiny and unread but mildly, uh, storage-smushed in a couple places)

Best things about this cover:
  • Honestly, this is ridiculous. It looks like she's somehow killed a fancy, jewel-encrusted parrot and is preparing to devour its carcass. The bones!
  • There are precisely two great things about this cover: a. orange! and b. that left shoe and whatever story lies behind its location.
  • I have never seen McGinnis's talents put to poorer use. A huge Perry Mason logo, but only a teeny tiny half-shod McGinnis girl?! Priorities, man.

Best things about this back cover:
  • This way to dish!
  • I'm guess a guy named Harrington Faulkner doesn't work at the docks.
  • Now I ain't sayin' she a goldfish-digger...
  • So ... Goldfish ... that explains the color. I think.

Page 123~

With every simulation of candid surprise, Dixon raised his eyebrows.


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1 comment:

DemetriosX said...

The yellow smears also make it look like she's sitting in a fire. But yeah, that shoe is terrific.

I just don't get the arrows in the middle of the back cover copy. Are they supposed to be paragraph breaks? Whatever they are, they really screw up the smoothness of the copy.